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    My trailer has 3ft sides with a top rail and I would like to cut it down to like 1ft all the way around for better access.(hope I explained that right). And would also like to put a side ramp on the left front side. I have a friend that has done some light welding for me, he welded my trimmer racks to the trailer. He did a good job but, would this be a job to take to a pro. welder? Or would this job be not that difficult?
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    That would depend on how experienced your friend is with the fitting (meaning layout, cutting and assembly of the various pieces as opposed to the actual welding) part of the job. It also depends on what equipment is available to work with.

    I would consider lowering the sides (yes your explanation was understandable ;) ) and building/installing a side ramp to be a straightforward and fairly simple job, but of course I work with metal all the time.

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