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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Fianolawn, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Fianolawn

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    Here is another project that we are currently in progress on. It is unilock estate wall material. The paver material is unilock stonehenge. Both products are very nice materials.





  2. Fianolawn

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  3. Fianolawn

    Fianolawn LawnSite Member
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  4. mrusk

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    Boarder buddy, boarder buddy. Even if the customer says they do not want one. Insist on it.

    Without one, those tiny peices on the end will move. Trust me, even with the best edging in the world they will move.

    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    what is the cut out for on the walk. It that a resting point??? Looks good. You should talk them into putting pavers down in that area vs. the gravel. much cleaner look and will not cause any hydro problems with the wall.
  6. Fianolawn

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    The cut out area is for a bench, its more decorative than anything. The gravel area where the wall is going to be pavers just like the walkway. We are going to be on this job over the next two seasons, and we are using the guest parking area for staging our material coming into the site, and not overwhelming the homeowners.
  7. forestfireguy

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    I agree with Matt.......alwaysa soldier course, even if it's the same color or different sizes taken from a mixed pallet, not only is it functional but it provides a nice finished look. I do like the idea of the bench nook there that's a nice touch........Are they doing anything with that horrible driveway??
  8. Fianolawn

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    Yeah, but that will probably be the very last stage of the project. We have hundreds of tons of material still to come in for the project. We have already completely excavated out a 25x50 inground pool in the back yard, and had to fill it with more than 23 tri axles of material, and that was just demo part of work. They were warned of the possible problems with no soldier course along edge of pavers, but they insisted that that was what they wanted. We did backfill most of the edge along the walk with concrete mix to help the edging though. We'll see what happens!
  9. cgland

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    Terrible bond lines on the left edge of the step!

  10. ChampionLS

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    I see exposed wire to the left of the Integral Light...

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