Project residential compact rig. Build

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    That is extremely wide compaired to the cab. In Michigan that would be illegal without a tonnnnn of DOT tape, yellow clearance tape on each corner and red on the back and back sides.

    Id be careful! Looks great though
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    Don't mean to disrespect, but that whole thing looks weak. Framing wise I mean. But I don't really know your situation so I maybe wrong.
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    Do you plan on wider mirrors?
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    It's not done. I'm still waiting on air bags to install and I have to build a spray both for the truck.
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    Still would like to know what gauge of steel you're using. Also, the width might be concerning. I can see 6 inches each side of the cab. Anything more than a foot, then you'd be better off going with 80" wide on a half ton.
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    If you read post #17 you can see what steel I used.
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    Every time I see one of these builds I think of XLS ... where'd he go!!!!!

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