ProLandscape or Dynascape?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by EgansCountryGardens, Mar 4, 2006.

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    I know this is a topic that's been beat to death, but I'm trying to find out if anyone has experience with both, or one or the other, that can tell me why they think one is better that the other. I'm particularly interested in the 2D Design aspect (topographic plans). I've used alot of the cheaper imaging programs from Staples, and I'm not all that convinced the ProLandscape's Imaging program is that much better. I still haven't seen any end result pictures that don't have that cartoon look to them.

    If anyone has used another 2d program that they've had good results from, I'd appreciate the input. Thanks.
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    I just got Pro Landscape and am on the 60 day trial still. I have not had the time to get good with it yet, but I had the same concern as you before I ordered it. It seems that all of the samples on their website were done by amateurs and have that cartoon look as you mention. I like a clean CAD looking set of plans that my guys can build to. After playing with the program for a couple of hours I am convinced that the problem was with the people creating the samples and not the software. I have tried several of the cheap ones like Punch and the others and I can tell you that their is a several orders of magnitude difference in the sophistication of this product. I am convinced that if I can make the time to learn how to use it, it will do everything I need it to do. I am not too excited about the 3D aspect of it, but time will tell if that might be useful for selling designs. Bottom line is I have not really figured out how to use Pro, but I can tell it is a very powerful and professional level program
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    I have tried VectorWorks, I have the DynaScape 45 day trial and I just ordered ProScape, get a 60 day trial. VectorWorks was deifficult to learn, but then again, I don't know CAD and am trying. I decided to try both at the same time to compare each. I think either program is better than the cheap ones. I have seen outputs from both and both look professional and very clean. On ProScape, I know you can change the look of the 2D design...watercolor, hand drawn, realistic, etc... DynaScape..not sure..Both can import surveys. ProScape libraries are a bit more extensive and can be used wih Horticopia which I do like. I have seen the outputs of 3D and they look good for a selling tool. Infact, a friend of mine uses the 3D imaging for all presentations and every job has been sold. I think I will use it as well for a representation of the concept in a presentation.

    Will let you know more this week after I have both installed..
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    Trial them both and make the decision for yourself. I did and chose ProLandscape and am very happy with my decision. I do use the 3D imaging as a presentation toll and it has been very effective for me in selling more and better work. Being that they are both CAD based for the plan mode they are similar in usage and results. If you are already CAD savvy you should be able to jump into either and be proficient, if not, include training as a cost for the product you wish to purchase.


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