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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SOSINC, Jan 2, 2007.


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    I have been looking to get this program and was wondering if everybody here that has bought this ProLandscape software, had bought it from I have seen where they got version 13 for $1395.00 and didn't know if you can get it somewhere else cheaper or not?

    Any info or comments about this program would be appreciated.
  2. Allure

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    I bought it from them. I don't think you will find a new, legal copy anywhere else cheaper. You may be able to find a previous version on ebay though.

    It's a terrific program. If you do a search you will find lots of feedback about it.

    Good luck!:)

    Edit: after a quick search of the web i could not find anyone else selling version 13. I have ver12. you may be able to find that or another ver. at a discount on ebay.
  3. Team-Green L&L

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    You can find a few pirated copies for sale, but I wouldn't suggest using any illegal software for business practices. I saw an ad for v12 for $130 from some pirate last year.
  4. Allure

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    Yes, please by licensed (legal) copies. buying a used copy of a licensed program on ebay would be legal though. There is nothing wrong with reselling licensed software but a bootlegger is worse than a low baller!
  5. Dreams To Designs

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    The only place you may be able to get Pro Landscape cheaper is at one of the many trade show they will exhibit at this season. You have CENTS coming up in Ohio and there may be something closer, but your best to contact them.

    Whatever price you pay, you will make your money back if you use the program for it's intended purpose. It is an excellent tool for presentation and drafting. I believe to be the easiest and most complete for the dollar for residential and small commercial applications. They have great support and extremely helpful training sessions, which I would suggest for anyone that owns or is considering investing in the software. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me, as I have been using this software for a few years and believe strongly in its power to generate greater income than without any software.

    You may also want to check into Horticopia, the plant encyclopedia software. It is an appropriate compliment to Pro Landscape and something you will find yourself using on a regular basis.

  6. Mike33

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    Kirk, what is new about vol 13 , i wonder how different than 12?
  7. Dreams To Designs

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    It was new to me, as I do not yet have a copy. Looks like they have taken all the feedback and added some very useful features.

    PRO Landscape 13

    Each new version of PRO Landscape includes a lengthy list of new and updated features, most of which come from feedback from our users. Listed below are the new features in the upgrade from PRO Landscape Version 12 to Version 13.


    * New 3D in Both Image Editor and Planner – Magically transforms your 2D Image Editor or CAD projects in to a 3D image. You can then zoom in and out and rotate at any angle to really show your customer their landscape design from any perspective, even looking out the window of the house in Image Editor!
    * Customizable Favorites – You can now create unlimited favorites folders for quick, easy access to the objects you use most often. Create folders for you favorite plants, hardscapes, shade trees, accessories and more.
    * Assemblies – New support for creating and saving a group of objects into the database. You can create plant grouping that you typically use and drag and drop it into Image Editor or Planner in one step. Or, create and assembly of all the things you need to plant a tree (stakes, straps, fertilizer, mulch, etc.) and add that to your bid by selecting one item.
    * Price These Items – Allows you to view and price the objects you have in your project so you can be sure you have set the prices before creating your proposal.

    Image Editor

    * Over 500 New Images– PRO Landscape now has over 5500 of the industry’s best images. Includes new plants set up by climate zones, as well as new statues and pavers.
    * New Labeling Options– Image Editor will now label all the plants with one click of the mouse. You can also include the plant size in your label.
    * New Legend in Image Editor – You can now add a legend to your Image Editor project.
    * Improved Greenhouse Support – Image Editor and Planner are now better integrated. You can now place a greenhouse from part of your Planner project into Image Editor and all the plant objects are placed automatically, saving you even more time.
    * Full Screen Preview– Now view your Image Editor project in full screen - perfect for presenting to your customer.
    * Layers in Lighting – You can now move your light objects in front or behind any object to create even more realistic lighting designs. For example, up- or down-lighting placed behind a tree.
    * Enhanced Effects Dialog– Change from one PRO Landscape effect to another with ease to find the best one for your project.


    * New Content Librarian Symbol Commands– Allows you to perform simple modifications to your symbols with ease. You can resize, rename, lighten or darken, change colors, delete or link symbols to the database in one easy step. You can also replace symbols on your drawing for a single occurrence, all occurrences, or multiple symbol replacement.
    * Improved and Consolidated Inquire Menu– You can now inquire multiple object types (grass, mulch, edging, pavers, retaining walls, irrigation, etc.) in a single place. Let’s you select one or more objects and see detail or summary information.
    * Symbol Array Improvements– You can now create staggered rows using the symbol array command; new fill array to fill an irregular shaped area like a planting bed with an array of symbols; create an array along a freeform shape like a curved line.
    * Improved Groundcover Trace– You can now trace grass, mulch, and weed barriers around multiple areas. For example, tracing mulch around a foundation with multiple alcoves will trace the edging or retaining wall along with the foundation.
    * Legend Improvements– Legends now support multiple columns and the ability to include the object’s price. Symbols can now be alphabetized or numbered. A copy button has been added to easily copy the legend data to the clipboard as either text or CSV so you can move it to other applications such as Excel.
    * Annotation & Callout Improvements– New annotation and callout options have been added to include the plant size. In addition you can annotate all plants with one command and annotate areas such as grass, mulch, edging, retaining walls, pavers, etc.
    * Greenhouse Improvement – Allows you to create a view for a section of your drawing and when you save the file just the objects in the view are written to the greenhouse. This allows you to place part of your CAD drawing in your Image Editor project.
    * Soldier Course Improvements – You can now put a soldier course edge on any paver area.
    * Improved Project Timer – The project time is now a toolbar giving you much more flexibility in turning it on and off and allowing you to place it anywhere in Planner.


    * Performance Improvements – Many performance improvements have been made to the Database & Price Editor allowing you to work faster.
    * User Interface Improvements – Many user interface improvements have been made to make Proposal even easier to use:
    o Price editors (All Objects, By Category and By Project) improved to allow for resizable fonts and new controls.
    o The Proposal Number and Date have been added to the Open Quotes dialog which helps you find your project even faster.
    o The Title Page and Proposal Titles can be customized when you are using the Instant Customer Proposal.
    o A country field has been added
    * Add Assemblies – Assemblies can be added to a quote allowing you to add the price details necessary to install and complete your job.

    Download the What's New list in PDF format for:
    Version 12 , Version 11 , Version 10 , Version 9

  8. paolaken

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    check with them this week and ask what the western show price is going to be starting monday. last year was $400 off i think. if i remember right it was $900 at the western show in Kansas city.
  9. Mike33

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    Thanks Kirk, Next time give me a phone call instead of all that typing. When is show in Baltimore? We will have to meet up there.
  10. SOSINC

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    So how can I find out where and when a show is taking place?

    I am in the St.Louis area.

    Thanks for the input and info guys.

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