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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Sean Adams, Jul 16, 2004.

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    I did a search last night and it doesn't seem that there are very many forums for this program. Nor does there seem to be any other websites regarding the users of the program either. I may look into making a website, free one of course, that we can make at least a small community of users, I know that I have some ideas and questions that others may already know.
    Trying to make a corporation do something like that seems to take quite some time. So I may take the ball and roll with it. Anybody else interested in helping out, my work load right now is..........shall we say overwhelming, so any and all input and help would be appreciated.
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    I just received this email today.

    PRO Landscape Customers,

    User Forum
    Drafix Software is proud to announce the launch of our new PRO Landscape Discussion Forum. This forum is a new online community where PRO Landscape users can visit to share their experiences and get helpful information. The new forum can be found at:

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    ah excellent thanks
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    1395 is too much sorry. Thats insane my computer doesnt cost that much.

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    I got the version 10 of the Pro Landscape program for sale, if anyone is interested just Pm me.
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    One of my new accounts mentioned that he would like me to come up with some landscaping design ideas for this spring. I am not a landscaper per say but I want to get into it. He mentioned some ideas. I told him we can come up with something.

    Anyway, I know this landscape job would pay for this software. In fact this snow plowing job paid for my new (used) walker stander. But that stander is going to make me tons more money. For example I will get the grass this spring and so the snow just rolled into grass. So I can foresee this software coming in pretty handy for making money down the road.

    I thought of hiring a LCO friend to help with ideas and if all goes well, hire him for a partial or full install. What I'd rather do is design and install myself.

    My question is to those using this. Will this work for a novice designer? Will it help me look more professional and do you think it will sell larger/more profitable designs? Will it get me more jobs and allow me to get a running start on landscape design? If it paid for itself on this one job, I'd be satisfied. But want it to really push me forward into big profitable jobs. Does this sound like a good relationship to you or is this beyond a beginner like me?
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    I am a nursery owner that was doing landscape designs by hand. I purchased PL13 last summer and it was well worth the investment. There are cheaper pieces of software out there that can give similar results but not at the same price. I tried a few pieces of $500-$3500 software and I am convinced that ProLandscape is the best value. It is not the most perfect tool but it is a very good tool. I mainly use it to layout my landscape plan and it does a great job at this. Some of the higher end software did a little better job in this area but didn't justify the price differential.

    My first project for PL13 was an Image Editor project. My client hired me to design a simple planter so I decided to try out the Image Editor tool. I have done a few Image-Editor projects since then but I was dissappointed with my results, mostly due to my own challenges. I was able to doctor the project site photos quite well in image editor - I removed a poolside basketball hoop, an ugly fence in the background, and some debris in the planters with the cloning tool. It only took about 10-15 minutes on my first try. This became much faster with subsequent projects. I was able to drag and drop all of the plants from the plant library except for a Kentia palm tree. There are thousands of plants in the database, but not that one. NOTE: many of the palm trees are incorrectly labeled or assigned incorrect photos. As an expert in palm trees I was very dissappointed about that. I am having to create my own library of palms which has not been as smooth as I had hoped. Anyway, I spent 1.5 hours doctoring my own kentia image and imported it into the project. i did a horrible job editing the picture - really bad. I was pressed for time and was ready to ditch the project and bang out a hand drawn design in 30 minutes. My client called and cancelled the meeting and asked if I could email or fax the design to her office. I hate that! After a short deliberation I decided to email the image editor design and just see what she thought of the design. I mentioned that I also had a hand drawn design that I could send to her by mail. 10 minutes after she received the email with the image editor design she called and told me that she loved it! My first response was "Are you kidding me?? That was a really rough image!" The fact was that she was able to visualize it much better than the other renderings she had received from previous landscape designers. She never saw the colorful and artistic hand drawn plan that created. She signed the $9,000 build contract for the small but significant planter and faxed it back the same day. After the installation she asked me to re-design the rest of her yard planters with a $50,000 budget. Not bad. I think i probably would have got the job and the ensuing jobs thereafter without using Image Editor but it sure did help my client make a faster desicion and pave the path for a larger job. Since then I received two other referrals from her for B-list celebrities that attended a Christmas party at her home. They each received the Image Editor designs (the later projects were much better than the first one since I had already started to develop my plant library with the palms I prefer.

    I have used the Landscape Planner module for pretty much all of my jobs. Importing plans from other architects using cad was easy. PL flattens out their 3-D work but at least I have a good overhead view of the plan. This has saved me countless hours of work!! My foreman can understand my plans and is able to install off of them without my presence being required, most of the time. I am just now starting to use the irrigation and lighting design tools. Using all the features is creates quite a learning curve but well worth it for the proposal creation benefits alone. For my last project I created everything in the Landscape Planner, updated the materials cost page and my company information. When I was finished with the design I was expecting to spend a couple of hours as usual creating the estimate (demo, materials, installation, etc.) and proposal. I clicked on the proposal creation tool and voiala! Its was 95% complete. I made about 10 minutes worth of changes and printed it. It had a nice cover page, table of contents, materials list, price list, plant care instructions with pictures of each plant, and acceptance page. I submitted it to the General Contractor and he said it was the best proposal he had ever received. Two days later it was signed and returned with a deposit check! The job wasn't huge (only a 6,000 sf lot) but it was profitable.

    As I said early, this is not a perfect tool but its a very good tool that is worth the money. You will have a learning curve so be prepared for that. I planned to attend a PL seminar near my area but it was cancelled due to low registrations. The tutorials are good that come on the dvd, but I always prefer personal instructions.

    If you are looking for a one piece of software that can cover alot of bases this could be a good tool for you. Without doubt it is the best value in the $500-$3500 price range.

    Thanks to those that help me make my decision!
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    Landscape Program


    I was wondering if anyone could burn me a copy of this program??

    ^^^^^^^LOL :nono:
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    the com. college i went to prior to moving use pro landscape and its a great little program but kinda pricey at about $1300.00 usd
    is what he said!!!

    cause of that price can somebody burn me a copy of pro landscape 14 if possible if not i can use 13
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    Pro Landscape is not share ware its professional landscape software, there is no way to run a copy of it without a liscense. Infact every time I buy anew computer they give me the run around about liscensing the new copy. I have owned and run Prolandscape since 2002 back with it was version 9.21

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