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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Sean Adams, Jul 16, 2004.

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    7, I did extensive research and comparison tests of Pro Landscape, Dynascape and others and found for my needs, the price and the support, Pro Landscape was the best deal for my business. I do free lance design and project management and Pro Landscape meets my needs for pretty and fascinating customer presentations, and create many excellent layers and sets of installation drawings. The responses from their staff is always prompt and helpful. I work with a few other designers that are using Dynascape and they use less than 50% of the softwares features. With the purchase of software, a large format printer, maybe a camera upgrade, time to learn and master new software, and training, no matter whose software you purchase, I found pro Landscape to be the better and more economically rewarding software.

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  2. trailboss

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    Like Kirk we looked at several other design programs but felt like Pro Landscape was the best fit for us. I have not even used the 3D portion of it - but I love the Planner program for full topical view designs. It saves a ton of time to be able to get a plot plan from the home owner and drop it into the program and already have the home, pool, prop. lines etc.. in place. I also found that there were a ton of people using it which makes it nice in sharing tips and tricks. The Pro Landscape forum is also very helpful for troubleshooting.

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    I think that is what is the beauty of this program. I'm in the opposite boat as I don't use the planner side very often, but primarily use the 3D imaging to show clients a true perspective of what their landscape can look like. The time involved is fairly minimal compared to the planner, thus saving money for the client if they so choose.

    Ultimately the Image Editor side of the program has really helped my clients become more comfortable in the decisions they are making on plants and varieties, and the high quality output of pictures really show the details put into the program.

    Now, if Drafix could separate the planner, Image Editor, And Estimator, into different packages,:).
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    I find Image Editor to be the most helpful for design purposes as well as customer visual purposes. Image Planner is for Do-it-yourselfers who want design only. Importing everything from Image Editor to Proposal saves me alot of time on installation quotes. The biggest problem I have is finding a decent laptop to run all my programs.
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    I purchased version 13 in 2007 (1 version short for PDF files *sob*) but LOVE IT! As with most replies I read the image designer is used 8:1 over the planner. GREAT program! I nail the project 90% of the time... live the outdoor/holiday lighting feature.:clapping:
  6. CA Green

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    :rolleyes:Sorry, apparently I can't type today... you get the picture:drinkup:
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    I own a lawn care business, we've been in business for over 20 years. Landscape design is a fun business, I have a lot of business partners that are in that line of work. I understand where you're coming from with your frustrations about landscape design. I don't have much expertise in that realm of lawn care.

    I do, however, believe in being organized and that leads to the most success in the lawn care business.
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    In addition to my previous post. enclosed trailers are what I used to keep myself organized as I ran my own business.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    Just recently purchased PRO Landscape... I watched all the tutorials and gosh if the program designers know how to navigate through it like a breeze. I have played with the planner for about two hours, and gosh I can see a good 100 hours of practice in it alone then another 100 hours in as well Image Editor to even become half way proficient at using the software.
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    I've purchased 'PoolDraw" 2 years ago. Big mistake. I just couldn't make it work on my computer, they finally said that sometimes it happens. Because they were in financial problems they did not reimburse me the full amount. Lost a lot of money. bad recommendation.

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