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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Quality Lawn, Nov 20, 2009.

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    I would take 650 but I do not know anything about shipping something this size.
    The only thing that I know the sprayer needs is the filter housing because it now drips. The person I bought it from let it freeze so when I bought it I had to put on both sight glasses, filter screen and gauge. At that time I did not notice but the filter housing had a crack so I used some epoxy on it and it held for awhile but now drips, not bad but needs replaced. Also it really needs 110 tips. They only have 80"s around here but because of the height it really needs 110"s. I have three batteries, do not know how much life is left in them and I have the manual. It has the dripless type nozzles that I believe takes 5psi to open them and I might have a few caps and screens for these. I think the batteries and that type stuff could fit inside the tank and the handle can be removed so it might be able to fit on a pallet or something.
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    Turf Dawg, is your zip code 76240? Northeast Texas right? I'm from southern Minnesota. Two of my buddies and I have been looking to go golfing in the Texas area during our spring break (March 12 - 21st). How is the weather down there? If it will be 50-60 degrees out during mid march, we could go down there and golf, and then take my buddies truck, and swing by and i could buy the sprayer from you with cash.

    Let me know if this is a possibilty, and what the weather might be like.

    My cell: 320-220-1269
    My zipcode 56288


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