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  1. Well, after less than 1000 hours, a 6.5 Briggs died last week. Due to a governail failure, engine had run up to 4600 rpm, for few minutes, before I eard the engine overspeeding. I think I throw away my weedeater to run to the mower...Mower is only 3 years but was used as a back up. Now warranty is over and i need a complete short bloc. Very bad damage inside the engine due to a "flying" part. I think I've got the same problem few weeks after i bought it( engine overspeeding, but without damage).

    I never been happy with those Briggs (I have a another one too), a lot of vibration, Filter very expensive 20$ each, air and oil. Not as reliable than the suzuki. You need to remove a lot of part only to change the rope of the recoil.

    Could I expect something better from the kawasaki.

    Is it possible to fit an Honda engine on toro deck( zone start).

    Btw I run double blade on the second one and I don't want to go back to anything else. need to be zone start.
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    I had a 6.5 Briggs on my old Proline and had similar problems with it, as you said right from the start I never liked it. I just bought a new Proline with the 6 hp Kawasaki and it seems like a better engine. The Kawasaki is easier to start and runs much smoother than the Briggs. The only down side is the smaller gas tank and the oil filters are $26, but it is easy to find aftermarket filters for this mower. Overall I'm very happy with the Kawasaki and think it would be a great replacement over the Briggs.

  3. Thanks ray

    I have temporarily an old toro personal pace from the dealer with a kawasaki on it, you're right, this engine look better. There is no oil filter on that one. Run smooth like a honda. I don't understand the small gas thank either.

    just find this old tread, will talk about this recall to my dealer Monday.

    Could somebody lead me to where I can find a kawasaki engine or good old Suzuki, nothing on thomas website, tulsa, small engine warehouse. will try northern tool. A lot of briggs available, still not sure if I can fit an Honda.

    Just realize it had been better if posted in the repair and mechanics forum, sorry, if an administrator could do the move, I may have more answer.
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    After suffering through an entire year with the 6.5hp Briggs engines on my Toros and forcing Toro to provide replacements for them, I have come to a personal conclusion that the only useful purpose these particular engines have would be that of a boat anchor. The Toro decks will accept either the new Kaws or the old 2 stroke Suzs. I went back to the 2 strokers. No oil changes, cleanable air filters. I will take a slight drop in power over the significant reduction in maintenance and cost of new air cleaners and oil filters.

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