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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by steelcity, May 26, 2002.

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    last week i lost 3 gear in the 21" proline 6.5 hp model with b&g engine. if i moved the gear in manually at the mower i could sometimes find it and the mower would be fine for awhile. other times the mower would just clunk and be very jeerky as it would slip in and out of gear. 1st and 2nd gear run great but having it in 3 rd is a lot more productive. my question is what do you think is wrong and if i had to replace the transmission what are they worth? if the cost is to much than i will just bite bullet and get a new one as i need something that is reliable and dependable as i run these machines everyday between my employee and i.

    thanks for listening and your input
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    We have 5 of these units. If the unit is less than 2 years old, have the dealer fix it. If not, take the transmission apart and see waht is broken. They are fairly simple. You may have a gear thats cracked or broken. You may also have a pin thats shearing or breaking. It is a messy job but once things are cleaned, you can usually see the problem. You should have a parts breakdown that came with the unit. If not look at and use the parts viewer to see how the unit goes together.

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