Prolly going to sell my F-450

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Gravel Rat

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    Well I have had the 03 F-450 for 2 months its time for it to go. The boom in the local economy has flopped I'am surprised how fast it dropped off. Its like somebody turned off the lights. The truck has had 5 jobs in the 2 months I have had it so its not paying for itself its a 9300lb daily driver. The contractors I know don't have any work and the two sawmills I haul for have no wood to haul. Even the landscape work is slow unless your into weed pulling and lawn mowin and thats not big paying jobs.

    I'am glad I didn't give up the gov't job which I'am fulltime now which is one of the reasons why I think I should get rid of the 450 and buy a 250-350 pickup truck. If I could find a regular cab 4x4 Ford "Superduty" body style. The 6.0 is becoming a problem child it might be time to get rid of it while its still running.

    I was looking through the truck trader ads all the other 03 6.0s I looked at are still forsale and have been for almost a year. Nobody is buying the trucks even the dealer lots I look at online they still have some 06 450s.

    I'am a little disgusted that the economy took a dump and it doesn't look like its going to pick up. The area has overpriced itself the people with money has run out and the property prices are too high for the average working man.
    On my gov't salary I can't afford to buy a house maybe a barelot but can't afford to put a house on it. The interest rates are rising so thats killing the house sales and could be foreclosures happening with people living way beyond their means.

    It doesn't look like there is any profit in continuing my 1 ton trucking business the work is even slower than it was 2001 before the boom started.

    I should have kept the 95 F-450 I had :laugh:

    Not sure what to do ?

    Hold off and see if the economy picks up this summer or its done like dinner.

    I was hoping to make some extra money to help with my fulltime job but it looks like that isn't happening. Talked with one of the mills I haul for and he said its slow. The other mill guy I haul for hasn't even called me for any deliveries.

    I'am not couple hundred grand in the hole like some contractors are with new equipment. The repo man must be one step away right now for some of these guys. It doesn't look good it may turn into the 80s recession again.
  2. Dirty Water

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    Wait for the foreclosure and snap up a cheap house.
  3. mrusk

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    DON'T SELL IT!!!!

    We were all so proud of you that you finally made some kind of decision.

    How have you advertised? You need to advertise if you havn't. If you only had 5 jobs in 2 months it is only YOUR FAULT. Its not the economy or the area. Its you.

    Yes its harsh. But i talk to people everyday that tell me things are slow because of the economy. You know what? I advertised hard and i am swamped with work while my supplier tells me there sales are way down for the year.

    You need to try harder buddy.
  4. Dirty Water

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    You could try getting into the retaining wall business. I hear they are real easy to do.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    I'am hesitant to sell it because the rest of the truck is in excellant shape I was out doing some inspecting this-afternoon to see why my steering is feeling funny. One lower ball joint on the driverside is worn out :(

    Anyhow I was looking over the truck and it doesn't have the oil leaks like some 6.0s have etc. Its the turbo thats making me frustrated.

    The truck is rust free and it has low kilometers on it so it might be worth while just fix any engine problems.

    As for the work situation I don't know what is going to happen I have a steady job now but I would really like to make some extra money. The way my shifts work is with my afternoon shifts I don't start till 4pm that leaves me with a good chunk of the day to do some other work. And I have 4 days off that I can do extra work. I was really hoping to get the part time hardscaping work but with no house building no landscaping.

    There are people spending 70% of their net income on house payments. Then the house prices cost of construction has ballooned to outrageous prices that younger generation like me can't afford to buy and build a place. The average house price for this area is 350,000. The most common price is 1/2 million to million. Condo prices are 650,000 to 850,000.

    I will wait till late summer before I do any hasty moves like selling the truck.
  6. AWJ Services

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  7. Fieldman12

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    The people that had money still have some "old" money but they are holding on to it because the new dollars they are making are not adding up with the high fuel prices, and all the other expenses. I have read many articles latley where people are taking away from there bank accounts instead of adding to it. To be good at getting business you must spend at least a couple days a week driving around and talking to people. I be honest with ya it may or may not work. My dad did all that and was also hooked up with a company and it still really never helped that much. It depends really where you ive at and how many other people are in the business. The economy is in worse shape I feel than like the government wants to admit. I dont see you getting houses much cheaper even with a forclosure after the bank has got it back. I have looked at a bunch of ones the bank took back around here and they wanted top dollar. Eventually they will come down maybe $5,000 to $10,000 or even a little more for a bigger house t dont expect any blowout deals that you cannot pass up. Everyone around here is scrambling for money. Not to mention the wages people are getting are becoming cheaper because some of the major companies in the area are wanting to hire people from other countries because they will work for less. I hate to sound negative but I dont see it getting better anytime soon.
  8. Fieldman12

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    It also seems to be everyone around here on any give road has a skid steer and a mini excavator. House sells according to the report the other day or now down all across the US.
  9. treadlite

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    Here we go again..... sell the truck, buy a hyundai to get back and forth to work in, save your money and live more worry free .
    Or quit whining, take the truck to calgary and make some real money for a few months.... oh ya, for everyone, "prolly" is not a word....."probably" is.....
  10. Gravel Rat

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    I'am not worried I have a steady job and the way I'am looking at it when the economy in B.C. takes a big dive into recession I will be working while the nail pounders and equipement operators will not.

    As I said its surprising how quick the boom dropped off. It was at the point contractors were putting people on waiting lists and now its almost at the point now they are sitting at home waiting for work.

    The market is flooded with excavation contractors especially with mini ex's before we had 1 contractor with a mini now there are 5. More homeowners are buying gray market machines and using them to do their own work.

    More people jumping into the landscape business. I think there is 6 landscapers with 2-3 man crews. When I was in it there was me and may be 2 other contractors.

    We have 4 new independant dump truck owners fighting for the work. Some of them with hefty truck payments.

    Developers have millions spent into projects and things are not selling and I can see some of them hurting pretty good.

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