ProLockers for W/B's is finally done!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by proequipment, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. proequipment

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    Some of you have been patiently waiting for w/b model and it's finally done!!!!IT will fit 7" to 10 1/2 " tires and has all of the same great features as the original.
    Drive-in Auto Lock
    Quick Release and Back Out
    LEFT Or Right Mount
    Only One Needed per Piece Of Equipment
  2. bayoulawn

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    COOL! very cool very cool very cool
  3. MiracleMan

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    Ok Guys .. now are these things really worth the $100+ you pay for them? I saw the link and they look sorta like the tire boots that Jungle Jim sells. I know that $100+ is nothing to save a $2000.-$10,000. mower from damage, but just curious from users on feedback from using them on riders and stand ons.
  4. Littleriver1

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    I went to your web site to buy a prolocker for WB put I don't see it.
  5. Tharrell

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    I love that ad with the Z on a trailer with the trailer hanging from a crane! Those things must work.
  6. proequipment

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    BILL, Sorry the web page is slightly behind but if youleave a note in the comments or contact us directly you can rest assured you'll get the right product for you needs. Thanks for the inquirey, and sorry for the inconvience.

    Sincerely, Brian Clarke
  7. proequipment

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    Hopefully some folks in your area will be seeing them soon, We're currently working with several Distributors that handel the TEXAS area. But I'll try to help your confusion until then. There are NO straps to get dog sh-- on, they're not permenatly mounted to your trailer. There's a quick release pin on the back side that allows you to remove it from your deck in seconds. When you drive in it automaticlly locks your equipment down. You just get in your truck and go.You can also padlock your equipment in for security as well. Hopfully you'll get some response from users in the area, unfortunatly this is such a new product there enough users yet. But I promise you there will be, but until then I'll promise you the rewards well out weigh the investment.
  8. tiedeman

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    I use the prolocker that was made for the ZTR for my walkbehinds. Very simple to use. Ride the mower up on the trailer just in front on the prolocker unit. Then put the mower in reverse just for the castor tire will flip to the front, and then just slowly drive it up into the locker while keeping the tire to the front. Simple and easy.

    I love my Prolocker. One of the best investments I ever made.

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