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I designed my own logo and an frequently complemented on it and asked which "firm" I hired to design it. I've also done logo's for 5 other companies: 2 for lawn care, 3 for other businesses.

Why a logo? Company idenity, easy to remember you. A 2-year old can "read" McDonalds with the golden arches. Communicates to people without them having to use their brains.

You can dabble with your own, I would offer this input:

1.) Use a heavy font (bold) for your name. Make it DARK, maybe even reverse it out of a black (dark color) box or oval.
2.) Run the character spacing together to the letters touch each other. Many firms use this as their logo without a graphic.
3.) Keep plenty of "white space" on your promotional pieces.
4.) On my fertiliing brochure, (since I don't have TruGreen's budget) I use my color printer with photos and it's printed on heavy glossy paper. I include one of those with my bid, not as a flyer, though.

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