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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by wildstarblazer, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. wildstarblazer

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    I was wondering what type of promotional products us landscapers could use to promote our type of business. You know like the pens and magnets etc.. you see evrywhere. Any ideas?
  2. shade tree landscaping

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    i use business card magnets in with every estimate, it lists most of my services, and has my phone and website on there to contact.
  3. AllHardscaping

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    I try to figure what do I keep that has a promo on it. My fridge doesn't have many magnets on it so I don't order those. I have used pens in the past. Just make sure you buy decent ones. I hate pens with caps so they have to be click. I gave away bottles of water in a can cozy with my info on it. That was a big hit. Other things I have in my house but have not ordered are those chip clips, a magnet on my file cabinet that has a calendar. I also have a sticky calendar in my truck, we have a lot of promo cups also. Be sure to figure out your cost per peice. Some of that promo stuff is really expensive for trade shows. Its like handing out .75 or a dollar to every person that comes by and at a lot of those shows there are people there just to collect your giveaways.
  4. larryinalabama

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    I use to tape a business card to a 4" potted annual and leave a flyer on the door. I rearley advertise anymore.
  5. tamadrummer

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    I ordered pens from National Pen and after all was said and done, tax/shipping/set up fees they are right at 50 cents a pen.

    They are decent pens, they allowed me to order them on account and pay after I received them so I went for it.

    I am not too sure what else I may order but for now I have a ton of pens to give away. I just leave them in places or hand them to a cashier or customer or just anyone. I am not much of a salesman so just walking up to someone and selling them my mowing service for a pen is not gonna happen yet....
  6. Dreams To Designs

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  7. jhnkng

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    a couple of ideas.

    if you are concerned that they are just "picking them up", then get a small qaunity of a nicer item, do a mailing letting them know you will be at the show and give the item to the people who make appoinments.

    Also when you get pens, take them with you ( afew at a time) and then "switch" them when you sign for a bill.

    Be it a store a starbucks wherever,

    This way over time your message will get out there, a CHEAP way to advertise your services.
  8. enviouslawns

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    I was thinking about getting some lime green frisbees made with my logo so i could just drive around to nice house and lawns i wanted to cut and throw one.Anyone ever try that

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