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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Classified, Nov 16, 2008.

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    I have a customer that lives in california but has a house in my area that she rents to someone.

    I sent her last bill of the season and she sends me a letter saying that she had cancelled my service back in august and sent a letter stating that. She also states that her tenant claims that I was never there to mow which is untrue. She also claims that she had another LCO mow her lawn yet her grass was always as long as can be when I got there and there was no proof of any other mowers on her lawn unless they followed my patterns to a T every other week.

    Now, I never recieved a letter from her cancelling my service. I am going to file a lein on her house if she refuses to pay but is there a way that I can prove that she didnt send a letter other than me verbally stating I never ricieved it? A copy means nothing on her part, that can easily be fabricated after the fact.

    I sent her an email disputing her cancellation letter that she allegedly sent. Also, I have here signed contract stating in the contract that I MUST have a letter sent stating that they want to canel service.

    Any thoughts on my next steps?
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    I would only use certified mail when dealing with this costumer in the future. And if you do talk to her on the phone send a certified letter summerizing your conversation. Also, keep a written log of all communications and actions. Good luck.
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    Take her arse to court. If I was her, I would have either called or better yet sent a certified letter to cancel service, since you guys are on opposite ends of the country. Send a certified letter telling her that she has 10 days to pay or you send it to the Cook county States Attorney's office. You have her over a barrel, now stick it to her.

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