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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by elamey, Apr 22, 2005.

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    Hey group...I'm a solo operator and a bit of a newb... I started mowing lawns over 20 years ago, mostly for little old ladies in my neighborhood, I started when I was a kid, but now have a more commercial/professional, albiet solo, operation and the world is a different place than in 1986

    My question is one of proof of service. How do you guys handle proving you've mown a lawn if a problem arises and you have to send an account to collections or put a mechanics lean on the property? Fortunately it's not come up yet, but in todays world what do I need to be doing in case a problem arises?

    Since i'm the only one out there, do I put my digital camera on a tripod with my mower and the serviced property in the background holding a newspaper with todays date? Sounds like overkill but is it? When/if a legal issue comes up is this the level of security I need?

    Let me know what you've experienced please
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    Iv had that problem a few times. In fact I had one lady that pulled that on me last summer as well as the summer before. I wont be taking care of her lawn this year. But I now have an established customer base, and I'm usually there mowing the same day every week. I would consider getting rid of customers that have trust issues with you. If you said you were there, then you were there. Your not going to lie to your customers.

    I also use quick books and each customer gets a statement ones a month with the exact date the I was there.

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    I haven't run into this problem yet since I've started my own biz. When I worked for another LCO, this happened on occasion, usually in the summer, when the grass...might not...really...need to be cut that week. I think as long as you log all your work into the computer, and send monthly bills, you'll be fine. The times I went to small claims, the court doesn't need photos, if you have the paperwork they assume its legit.

    Some guys leave a little card on the door after they mow, not a bad idea, but I've found some customers, if they don't get one (you forgot, wind blew it away) they will fight you on it.
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    I've just taken over from another "Lawny" on a property. He used to bill realestate and not mow the lawn! Anyway, thats what tenants say and realestate but unless you have date stamp pic, how do you prove it! God knows! How many of us take pics each time we mow a lawn?
    NEVER! Why the hell should we? Comes down to trust. And that works both ways!

    This is a good topic!

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