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Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by TPendagast, Mar 24, 2014.

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    I know what Ive read. Propaganda, scuttle butt etc etc.

    Anyone here actually have witnessed and experienced a propane fleet?

    Only propane equipment I have used has been skid steers for going in and out of buildings, I have never worked for, with, or consulted for a company with a propane mower fleet and/or flex fuel vehicles.

    what is the impact?


    keeping stock fuel?

    financial advantages? Disadvantages?

    supposed increase engine life?

    what about repairs?

    Increased time on ROI?

    anyone have this?
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    Run a fleet of propane powered sweeper trucks (not exactly the same equipment, but same principles). Primary reason for switching was cost savings. Have been running propane for over a year now.

    Impact - other than financial pros/cons, none
    Refueling - simple, not a problem
    Stock - fill up at commercial station near shop
    Financial - lower operating cost / mile. average $1 - 1.5 cheaper than gasoline. kit on the truck cost $8,500. based on usage our ROI is 8-14 months.
    Increased engine life - oil changes less frequent, oil is a lot cleaner
    Repairs - nothing major so far

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