Propane tank form


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I was just wondering if it is possible to alter tank designs, shapes so that they integrate into the machine in a more compact fashion. The large double tanks on a ztr seem to add a lot of width and bulk to the mower. I imagine some of the main problems would be cost and lack of interchangeability, but would there be a safety issue?

I like the idea of propane, just thinking about ways to downsize the machines and still have about the same fuel capacity.

Thoughts anyone?


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I would guess strength has alot to do with it. Look at any tank that is meant to hold large amounts of pressure. They are all round. This creates a equal pressure on all 360 degrees of the shape, rather than at a weaker point such as a corner with a weld.

Plus the % of market that is taken up by lawn mowers is so tiny that it would cost a lot. The tanks are more sophisticated than a plastic injection like on a gas mower.