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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bentleytn, May 31, 2010.

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    New 42 inch Enviroguard Mower for sale. This is the top of the line propane powered mower. It was a gift from a dealer friend of mine, turns out I can't get it through the door of my shed and to be honest this is total overkill for my yard. I am not in the lawncare business. I know that retail is $8000. I am selling locally so I anticipate demo - ing this for folks coming by. I will commit to having less than 5 hours on the mower by the time of a sale. I am pricing this for a very quick sale at $5550. I am going to buy a 34 inch that I have already priced. This is a deal for someone who can use it commercially. It has a 17 inch Kawasaki motor and runs like a watch. These mowers are cheaper to operate, propane has 104 octane, and I'm guessing for a commercial guy its a great sales tool for government and people who are "green" I would also trade this for a new wright stander, gravely prostand, or toro (again, I need something much smaller, and that can fit through a standard doorway) I would love a trade to avoid taxes. Thanks.

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