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    My Mixer, built by Enviroguard, had one of the venturis come unseated, causing one cylider to run terribly. this happened only eight hours in...
    It sooted the top of the piston pretty badly. I only ran it for 20 minutes after I noticed the HP drop significantly. The left Venturi was still firmly seated while the right one fluttered around about 1/8". Is this venturi what you refer to as the Sprayring/Spud? I also read that the Vanguard 895 cc motor has hardened valves. Can you confirm this?
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    There are throttle plates and 2 venturi's, one for each cylinder. If one Venturi has come out in such a short time it either was stripped during installation or was loose and can be reinserted. They must be properly installed for your engine to run properly. If you have had this for such a short time, why not send it back for it has a one year warranty. Let me know how I can help.

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