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    Anyone except Propay or you guys all set up for just plastic? I don't get many that want to use a visa or mastercard, but every yr 1or 2 and all ready I had 1 this yr. Its not worth it to me to set up a visa account but that Propay sounds OK. I was wondering if anyone used it and can you access it off a cell phone Comment please

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    I think for one or two per year you'd be OK, Mac. 35.00 a year isn't bad, but what will get you in the long run is that 3.5% plus.35 fee , and the extra . 35 each time to put the money in your checking account. Kinda like Paypal, we have a few clients who use Paypal and don't mind paying the extra fee, many use direct bill pay through the bank, and mostly one time or new accounts want to use plastic. If you did a lot of pmts like that, it would add up real quick. We use the lawn & garden dealers .Low set up costs (less than 200.00) annual fee is 45.00, no minimums,no per trans fee, and the money is in your account in one day.Check it out:D
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    In this day and age, plastic is becoming the standard more and more. Many people use a visa check card, where they use a card but the money comes directly from their checking account.

    If you provide a space on your prepay letters, invoices, etc for credit card info, you will get results. Usually you get your money faster, and thats what counts. Put the yearly cost for credit card fees in your general overhead and reflect it in the overall costs. Do not penalize the customer that uses it, but rather let all your customers help pay for it.

    We have customers that pay for everything with plastic from a $5.oo plant to 20,000 retaining walls

    Austreim Landscaping
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    I tested credit card acceptance for 12 mos. Advertised it, let all my customers know I accepted them but had very few people take me up on it. In 12 months I paid a little over $130 in fees for not many transactions.

    I cancelled the service at the end of 12 mos, right when my merchant service was going to substantially raising my fees due to limited usage. They want volume users, the occassional user costs them more and frankly, I don't think they are interested in our business.

    Rarely do I get people that inquire about using a credit card. Never are they surprised we don't take them. In this day and age, there are many convenient ways people can get a payment to use if writting out a check every month is too laborious for them. Many of my clients use autopay services offered online or through their bank. I even accept PayPal but have NEVER had anyone take advantage of it.
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    I get paid fine by check. Why would I want to take a hit on using plastic if I don't need it?
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    In God we trust all others pay cash. Just kidding but have had no problems with checks in 12 years, why give away a percentage of what you have earned?

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