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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Mar 24, 2004.

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    OK, I suspect this was covered in Landscaping 101, but I think I missed class that day, so bear with me. I've ordered a new edger, a Stihl F85, which seemed to be the one mentioned by the most of you on the board. I've never used an edger (hey, when I grew up, we used a push reel mower and a weed hook!), and wanted to know if there are any specific technques I should employ, or just plain old tricks of the trade.

    For instance, how deep a groove should you be shooting for along, say, a sidewalk? When edging a property the first time, should you make the total depth of the cut on the first pass, or is it better to make multiple passes adjusting the blades deeper with each pass? How wide should your edge be? I'm assuming this is a permanent setting, but won't know until I get mine and experiment with it. Also, how high a grass will an edger edge (hey, I like that) and still get a clean line? The property I'm most concerned with recently sodded, and wants his grass cut high (I'm thinking 3 1/2 inches at least), especially the first few cuttings.

    Any help or tips you guys could give me would be most appreciated. I'd really like to make this guy's house a showplace, as I know it will lead to additional jobs in the future. Thanks, Neill
  2. MOturkey

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    OK, let me see now. Sixty-three views, and no replies. That must mean either A, no one on here really knows how to edge. ;) or, B, it is so simple even I can do it right, in which case I've got it made! :)
  3. NickN

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    Go with door B.It's simple.
    Set your depth,crank er up and go to edging.If it's not deep enough,turn it off and adjust.Restart and go to edging again.
  4. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    I always cut the first edge of the season with a walk behind edger, especially when the grass is half a foot over the cement. Then the next time i come back i use a stick edger to edge from there on out. It takes a good month to get a yard that is not used to being edged, to look good and to edge quickly. As far as how deep to edge or how far back, you just eye it. You know if your kickin up too much dirt, your probably going to deep. And just edge right to edge of the cement. I guess I will be the one to stick my neck out first. Hope this helps
  5. locutus

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    I used one for the first time today. There is no magic to it. Just set the depth and go to it. If it isn't deep enough, reset the wheel and go at it again.
  6. John at JDH Select

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    It's an easy process. If the overgrowth is tremendous, I will make a couple of passes with the edger to make sure I have the best edge possible. Once you get a good blade edge, you can maintain the edge with a trimmer held upside down. It takes a bit or practice, but the clients seem to love the manicured look on a weekly basis. In fact, you will learn to trim faster by edging upside down then by angling the trimmer head. The other benefit is that trimming upside down will not burn the edges of the turf like angle trimming.

    Hope this helps...
  7. specialtylc

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    One of the biggest tricks is to try to do it when the soil is dry. Wet dirt tends to plug them up and takes alot more power. I set mine to about 1 inch below the concrete. Also they cut alot better with a new blade, as in square edge on blade.
  8. SDlawndawg

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    Sometimes it helps to run backwards if there is some stubborn roots or a crack in the drive or walk. Flip the blade once it gets dull and replace them often since they are so cheap. A worn edger blade can get frustrating to work with.
  9. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    How do you hold a trimmer upside down? I just cant figure out how you would do that and be able to edge. Maybe im misunderstanding you, but if you turn a trimmer upside down, how is that any more different than holding it rightside up, other than making it harder to hold?
  10. lawnman_scott

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    actually you move it 90degrees from its regular position to edge with it.

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