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I ve been going thru my pics and found these that demonstrate the effectiveness of proper mowing to improve turf quality.
THese pics were taken in may 2002, and may 2003.
THis turf was not fertilized by anything but grass clippings, not mulched, just side discharged.

I look forward to the may 2004 pics....:)

wp may 152002 looking east.jpg

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I honestly think a lawn responds when it is properly taken care of. I took over a lawn two years ago, at the time it was really sparse and weedy. I have fertilized this lawn one time and just mulched or side discharged since and now the lawn is full and very healthy looking. It is one account I am very proud of.


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THe purpose is simple.

Something as simple as proper mowing practices with no other input can improve turf quality over time

I have been playing golf on this course ever since i was old enough to hold a golf club. The turf has never been this healthy.
It used to be totally covered in dandelions, there are still dandelions, but thier numbers have been drastically reduced.

i guess my point is that an organic program takes time to show its effectiveness, and the benefits are long lasting.

i did fertilize the greens with corn last year, but the greens are not the focal point in the pics.
This year i plan on fertilizing the fairways with corn and i expect some good results.

An organic program is a simple as proper mowing practices, that is the purpose of the thread.



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Great posts and pics....

Like I've said here a few times - I think that mulch-mowing (or just not bagging) is the cornerstone of organic lawn care. It can be that simple. Does not have to be some expensive program of expensive fertilizers, etc. Just quit taking and taking and taking - leave the grass there. Let the soil build, let the worms eat.

It kills me to see giant trailers full of grass clippings hauled off every day - all the LCOs here bag all the grass.

I wonder what kind of grass that is and how often and at what height you are mowing it?

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