Proper procedure for mulching trees??

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by sprucehavenfarm, Aug 5, 2002.

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    I want to mulch around a lot of my trees on the 4 acre portion of my porperty that I finish cut. These are old growth trees in the lawn that have some roots exposed. I want to first minimize the bumping/beating I take and also don't want to hurt the roots more than I have.

    Can I use roundup around the trees to kill the grass?

    Do I need to remove sod? (I hope not)

    Once the grass is dead do I need to edge around the tree somehow or can I just put the mulch on?

    Open to any and all suggestions!!!


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    Yes, use Roundup to kill the grass. Roundup is not root absorbed, and is broken down rather quickly when in the soil. Roundup must be sprayed on leaf or injected into plant to do its job.

    No need to remove sod after it's dead; dead grass will just decay to dirt on its own.

    No need to install edging, and it's usually better not to around trees. Cutting an edge is a good idea, so you get at least a 2" to 3" depth of mulch at the mulch/turf interface; but it is not really necessary if labor time or root damage is a concern. Your mulch depth would then be shallower near the interface, and may need touching up with Roundup during the year. Best not to mulch within a foot of base of trunk; you see many trees with mulch mounded up around trunk, sometimes a foot high. This can cause problems, because the trunk is above ground tissue, and covering it with mulch makes it below ground. Also, mulch right around trunk, especially in young trees, can cause girdling roots.
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    I will do exactly what you said.

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