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Property Damage To Commercial Customers

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Just recently broke a thermal plate glass window at one of my commercial customers. Although I have liabilty insurance there is a $250.00 deductible. The window cost over $400.00 to replace. Has anyone else had this type of experience on property damage and how did you resolve it with the customer, i.e. their insurance or yours. Thanks
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I broke one last year. The cost was $550.00. I paid for it out of pocket. I would only use my insurance for a large claim. It seems like the insurance co's are getting a little testy from what i've been hearing.

Whats your deductible anyway? Mine is a $1000.00
Never mind......$250.00

You will still have to pay $150.00 and have a claim on your record.
2 man crew is right. For $150, it's not worth it to have the claim on your record. Just pay it out of pocket. Good luck.
This brings a great point. Do you pay the deductable, and have a claim on your record, or do you just cover it out of your own? If you have a claim, who KNOWS what they will do to your rates next year, but on the other hand, they can raise the rates significantly, anyway. I would certainly, under no circumstances ever suggest the customer pat for it or claim it on their own insurance. Now, if they offered this, and was insistent on it, then yes, perhaps.
Yes, they could raise the rate anyway. But after they raise the rate you will have less shopping power with that claim.
the brings me up to the point of car accidents which just blows my mind...did you know that if you are in a car accident and it isn't your fault, but a police report is done your insurance rate can still go up. Even though it wasn't your fault. Kind of strange.

Sorry guys for jumping off topic a little bit
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