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  1. just cuts lawn care

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    seeing as there are so many houses for sale and rent how do you guys get the contact info for the property management companys as well as the apartment complexes I have been researching it but cant find a good lead to pursue thanks for the advice.
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    you just have to spend a lot of time researching and asking around. it takes a while and when you find them, most wont give you the time of day. you'll need to get listed as a vendor with them and they'll send you projects to bid when they come available. it's not a quick process though.
  3. MR-G

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    you can purchase a list from the states website....all prop. mgmt companies have to be registered with the state...also most are in your local phone book...start mailing them advertisments...(postcard type works well) be persistant it takes years to break into the commercial market on a big scale....i personally would stay away from rental properties altogether....unless we are talking shopping centers and industrial complexes...apts. and homes are a pita.....condo's are a better choice if you deal directly with th h.o.a. good luck in your ventures...
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    I have found that getting to know board members and networking from that end will get you an opportunity faster than trying to get past the "wall" with a property manager. Most of them have their "favorite children" because they are a proven & known quantity.

    Sitting in on Board meetings (AND KEEPING YOUR MOUTH SHUT) will let you know who the players are, let them get familiar with your face. Always say goodnight and shake their hands when you leave. Persistence pays.

    It's not easy, it takes time and sometimes you have to be bold; offer them something compelling. With management companies, you have an unbelievable agent turnover and those that have some tenure deal with a small circle of players.

    Stay away from SFH rentals, bank owned properties, check the public records for liens, judgements and foreclosures . Be picky, know your numbers (you can't make up negative cash flow with volume) and watch those 30-90 day pays... you are not a bank.
  5. bug-guy

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    look near the mail boxes, there sometimes is a letter posted announcing a meeting etc...
  6. Patriot Services

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    You can start with the realtor number off the sign.
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  7. Landscape Poet

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    Property Mgmt companies do not alway/usually take care of the grass for properties for sale. At least it has been my experience. They do however seem to take care of properties that are rented.
    I currently have about 19 lawns with a property mgmt company. It is a good gig if you can get them as the renters do not come out and talk to and waste your time. The homeowners are willing to pay a premium if you are willing to work with them and inform the mgmt company of issues like the tenants not watering enough, which is common as the tenants tend to like to try this to save money.
    The down side is that it usually take a bit longer to receive your money. It works like this - you submit your bill to the mgmt company - the charge the account. If the renter has paid their rent - you get paid in roughly 30 days sometimes less. If the renter has not paid there rent - your money is not their yet - your check may show up slightly over the 30 days. The good news is that you are the property mgmt groups first call for anything and everything green industry related. They call you for advise on spray companies, they call you for issues with pest on shrubs which if you have the limited you can turn into a nice money maker, they call you for tree work, sod work - on properties that you do not even service. You become their go to guy. This works for you as even if you do not perform those services, you now have networking power that many do not.
    You always get paid which is good but like I said, this can not be your only source of income as you will be waiting forever at times on some properties.
    I wish I could tell you how to get in contact with them best, but I just happened upon my current contact from another LCO that was servicing the properties and had for years but was moving further south and could not continue to drive the distance.
    Once your in it seems like you are set though. I wish you luck in finding them.
  8. PostcardMania

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    You can definitely get a list of property managers like this. I would suggest going through a direct mail company or a list company to help pull a target list for you based on the SIC codes. You can even get as detailed as pulling tenant info based on income level.

    If you'd like more info on compiling a targeted mailing list, let me know - I'm happy to help!
  9. Ric

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    It has been my experience that ""many not all"" Property Managers are only Book Keeper who pay the bills for the Board that Hires the service provider. It is the Board that does all the hiring and contract signing. Of course having a Good Old Boy system with even the Book Keeper is a start to getting the work. But contacting the board president is key

    Over the years I have seen a recurring trend by Condos to swing back and forth between good and cheap service providers. They elect a board that cuts costs and hires cheap service providers who run down the property. Then a new Board comes in with the intention of bring the property back up to par at a higher cost than if the property had been cared for. When the Budget runs out that board is replaced with the Pencil pushers again and the cycle starts all over again.
  10. bug-guy

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    i can't agree enough with you on this one. i once told my boss that we are more likely to resign our old "condos" than signing a new one. many of hoa's have come back asking if our old bid was still good!

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