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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BP348, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. BP348

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    A friend suggested that I contact the local property mangt/real estate companies & offer my services in the lawn care department. Does anyone else do this? Anything I should be aware of if I do contact this type of business?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. RGM

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    I use to do a lot of work for Realtors be careful to get contracts some try to skip on pay. With property management company's sometimes you can get some real good work just make sure you get your price and also a contract, and remember some business's's are slow pay.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I got some calls back when I contacted a property management company, but I will be a lot more cautious about dealing with realtors. I did work for one this year and I'm still owed $900 from the summer and I'm getting the run around. Speaking of that I have to call them tomorrow.
  4. Carolina Cutter

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    I am probably in one of the best positions to answer this question for you as I am an active licensed broker currently working in real estate.

    I can tell you that I have, in my 3 years of working as an agent, never hired a lawn company. Why? In our opinion, it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain the property. My job is to market the property and assist with the contracts and making sure it closes.

    The only time I can see someone who is a Realtor hiring a lawn company is if they work with REO or foreclosure properties and the banks require the properties to be maintained. It would still have to be approved by the vendor before it wold be ordered.

    If you are looking to do this type of work, definitely pick up some real estate books and look for the companies with the listings that say foreclosure or government owned home.

    Good luck!
  5. FYS777

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    I can say I've been working for property manag, for four years now, every year they given me more places to do, and a lot of one time clean ups through the year, always have paid on time, I have been fortunate I guess, And do what cutter said about foreclosures, :clapping: once you get hooked up to management place and they like you you wont run out of work, you will need business license and insurance, thats a basic requirement here, could be diff were your at??
  6. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I sent out letters to all realtor companies here in town recently. Hope to get some calls when the grass starts growing good. We shall see how things go.
  7. mc24034

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    My business is solely based on Investment companies, realtors and prop management companies... there are good and bads just like with traditional customers.
  8. PROCUT1

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    Same here. If you are doing commercial you will be dealing with management companies.

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