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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brianslawncare, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. GrassesGuy

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    Enlighten us as to what companies those might be.
  2. SnoMower

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    We work with two currently. 5 Bros. and Cyprexx
  3. brianslawncare

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    the one that contacted me was rdj . anyone heard of them? any info? i heard safeguard is good to work for?
  4. jdilliplane1

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    I can only tell you to shop yourself around man. I have had offers all over the map as far as pricing from 45 per lawn which I love, to 30 which is the bulk. I have had guys offer 25 and 20 for recuts and 20 and 15 also. I just laughed at these guys and said when your ready to pay the going rates for a fully licensed contractor properly, then call me back. I have to pay two guys and myself at the end of the day for uploading the pictures, etc.
  5. vencops

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    Honestly, I've marketed myself as a full-service entity. LCO work is about 20% of my business. And, there isn't much I turn down. If my pricing falls within the guidelines for the lending institution, I do it. If I think the price they're offering isn't enough for me to take the work, I submit a higher proposal. They can either take it or leave it. Most times, they accept.

    I don't have to show photo evidence of lawn maintenance. Most work does require photos to be submitted, though. Big deal.

    The companies some of you are mentioning are not who I work for. They are my competitors.

    LOL....I hear ya. I had a guy contact me, offering me 20 and 15. I sent him back a reply and said...."I'll tell ya about I pay YOU $30 to mow mine!.....and photos!".

    I don't expect to hear back from him.
  6. Coumbe

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    Run! I did it for 4 years. what a setback and a waste of time. Jungle, needles, crack pipes...
  7. cubedmack

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    DO NOT WORK FOR SAFEGUARD! THEY WILL WORK THE HELL OUT OF YOU AND NOT PAY YOU. I've been doing REO properties for two years. It all depends on what company you work for. I only deal with Five Brothers, LAMCO and Cyprexx. All three of this company can be a pain in the ass but they pay on time. Cyprexx is real pain in the ass because they want you to do everything for the little money they pay but they will give you a lot of work. Five Brothers and LAMCO pay much higher than Cyprexx. You don't have to do trash outs and lock changes if you don't want to and you can tell them what area's you serve. With gas prices going up so quickly I try to be very selective on the distance I travel. Do not deal with Property Preservation work off of Craigslist. They will offer you $15-$25 a lawn.
  8. 944own

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    I second that about safeguard
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  9. brianslawncare

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    thanks guys you have all been a big help! i have a friend who works for safeguard, and he drives allover sometimes its 45 miles from his house for 75.00. he said they do pay on time. but thats a little too far for 75. i dont think i would mind trashouts but what about the fees for dumping? my friend sells most of the things he gets at a yard sale?
  10. vencops

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    If you're given the trash out have salvage rights to anything in the place that's considered "personal property". Make sure you and the co. that hires you are clear on this. I've sold a few things I've taken out of properties.

    Yes. You're responsible for the dump fees. Make sure you include them in your internal bid, anyway. It'll take you some trial and error to estimate these.

    Good luck.

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