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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brianslawncare, Apr 7, 2011.

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    We have been doing preservation work a long time and yes there is money to be made. We work for multiple companies and if you only want to do the lawn work tell them that. Just because they have work in your area doesnt mean you have to take it. If you dont do the other work they will just find somebody else to do it.
  2. TX Lawn

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    Hopefully you havent already started working for them but you should check out the reports on We did 25 props for them and never got any payment. They are Frauds....
  3. TX Lawn

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    Run from rdj preservation-- fraud alert... They dont pay
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    I just had Property Preservation contact me. I don't think I'll be returning there call.
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    Oh is this one of those scams where I'm supposed to take more pictures than actual work I'm doing and then hope I get paid?

    Let me just say one thing that I have learned over the years...
    I don't consider myself 'PAID' until their check has cleared my bank (and I mean cleared, which takes about 2 weeks from the deposit day).
    And the more rigmarole (to include pictures) I have to entertain in order to get paid, the more money I have to get.

    Now I suppose for some folks it's just what they've always wanted, but it's not my cup of tea.
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    i get alot of emails from clist from the preservation company's and seems like a big chase to get money,from 20 cuts and 15 recuts to 90 day pay outs ..
  7. gcbailey

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    We have done some stuff in the past for Pinelands Preservation. There isn't a ton of bank owned homes in our area, but the ones we have done were pretty rough. They guy I have dealt with has made some pretty absurd property requests as far as locations go, one 60 miles north and another 50 miles southeast and wanting them both done on the same day.

    It didn't take too much negotiation to get a somewhat fair price for the properties. What ones we have done have been the initial maintenance with nothing under $90, for a couple hours of work. A DR field mower works well! I told them up front that all we do is lawn care, we aren't maids and don't intend on being maids.
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    True, I have worked for sour companys who dont pay, but its extremly important to do your website, BBB, company reviews ect.. I work for two preservation companys currently and have been for the last two years. Best business decision ive made, pick and choose my work, on average 60+ lawns at $40each most every week till fall comes around anyway, salt drives in the winter. Bid on all trash-outs(which are very profitable), leave removal in fall, general repairs ect..Im out here in Va and you wouldnt believe all the low-ballers we have out here. Ive lost 5 out of the 30 of my own personal accounts in the last 2wks due to $25 mow and blow companys, no loyalty where im at anymore. Do you guys have that issue where yall are?.. im just ready to get out of residential mowing all together.
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    did you have to pay $300 sign up fee with Lamco? Is it worth it? On average how many jobs do they send you a week?
  10. Dlittle20747

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    What company is that?

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