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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brianslawncare, Apr 7, 2011.

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    I've been doing property preservation work for 4 years now. And I have to say I like it. It has its pros and cons. Through a lead referal program, I signed on with a national preservation company that some dislike. I paid 12 bucks for the lead (via a lead referal service) that generated almost three times my Navy salary. I chose to retire from Navy (20 1/2 years) and go full time with the lawn business. The right preservation company will keep you busy and pay on time. During peak season, we average about 135-150 cuts per week. I run two crews. I'm not getting the money I deserve, but the checks keep coming. Honestly, the pay is not bad! In my opinion, the secret to a more lucrative success is to solicit the homes you maintained. If I would have sent out letters to the new homeowners (most of whom I met), there is no doubt I could have four trucks running! The only thing I do for them is grass cuts. I get work year around. Getting some ideas on a leaf removal rig. I don't plan on doing any more bagging this year!
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    I have been in property perservation for 13yrs.I do lawn cuts for and all other work (locks,trashouts,ect),lawns are just a small part of my job. Pay was a lot better years ago,seems all the companies are reducing pay on lawn cuts.I have had to reduce my coverage area twice in the past three years(couldn`t drive two hours to do a $35 lawn cut)

    Five brothers still pays enough were it`s profitable. Cyprexx reduced there lawns to $35 this summer and I stopped doing them (still do them in area they can`t find anyone my price!!!) FAS have stopped working for them (they have just gotten too stupid to deal with!) Safegaurd(or screwgaurd!!!!) just stay away from them!

    All of the above are main Nationals(cover all USA) most other are regionals that sub for the nationals(reduced pay for there cut)

    FHA guild line pays $85 for a bi weekly lawn cut, if you your getting $50, $60 your doing alright. If your Getting $35(Cyprexx) your doing all the work and there keeping most the money. The bottom feeders (criags list) $15 to $20 if they pay you, not sure I wouldn`t pull my truck out of the drive for that!!!

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    sdavis, I too have taken a cut in pay. 400.00 bucks loss for every 100 grass cuts! But still, I'm working. During peak season, I "try" to have each truck do 15 per day. Average yard is 15-20 minutes. And we don't cut corners. Both trucks run diesel (Ford 7.3 & 6.0), so gas mileage is "decent". And having a son who loves to do updates is a huge plus!
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    That makes sense, pay them to work.
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    It`s a waste of money! i fell for it and I now get less work from them. They have joined with some regionals they have been trying to get me to work for them. With there pricing I can sit at home and go broke slower.
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    If that works for you. Myself I like to make money or what is the point in doing the work.

    I have two dodge diesel 5.9 cummins both get good milage and have two dodge 1/2 tons with 318`s they get ok gas mileage

    when I send a guy out the most I can get 7 maybe 8 yard ,due the distance between propertys. If I give them too many they either damage the properties or my mowers(I`m sure most of you can relate too this one)
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    just spoke with lamco this evening about a vendor account. there are three tiers with them. basic and 2 more. they set up profiles. the basic is a free profile and does not guarantee any of their using agencies contact you. in fact you have a slim chance. from what it seems its a gamble even if you pay for the service. go to their page and type in your zipcode and it will show what companies service your areas and show you your competition. If you dont have much comp maybe it would be worth it to pay for it.

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