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Here in Arkansas, all businesses are required to list all property--equipment, vehicles, etc.--every year, and then are taxed based on the total value. I know this kind of thing varies a lot from to state to state.

Those of you who are living where this is done, how does the tax assessor value your equipment? I've been in a dispute for several years over the values they assign to my used equipment--at least double the actual value. They start with the price paid, the year bought, and then decrease the value based on a certain number of years life expectancy. Today the assessor told me they have been using a 10 year life expectancy for mowing equipment, because that's what they use for farm equipment. But now they are considering going to 5 year life expectancy.

My other big beef is that this is all voluntary. My daddy raised me to always obey the law, at least until the law is so immoral that you are willing to stand up and fight it... So when I went into business, I lined up like a good boy and told them what I had, and every year I truthfully fill out the form they send me, and every year pay the tax bill they send me. But it galls me big-time that when I mention my oversized tax assessments to other lawn guys, they either give me a blank look or snicker at me like I'm stoopid.

Today the assessor told me (without mentioning names) that one of the biggest lco's in the area only listed 2 mowers on their recent assessment. That means they are avoiding their fair share of the tax load, their overhead is lower, they can bid less and make the same profit (or bid the same and make a higher profit). At least this current assessor seems to be willing to talk about trying to correct the situation.

Do any of you have any thoughts on this?

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