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    I'm in the fert in squirt side of lawncare and am trying to increase customer base by sending out mailings. We can either send out post cards like most companies in my area or a personalized proposal with their custom price explained to them. I am leaning to the personalized letter proposal mainly because it would be a hand written envelope with a first class stamp which would almost always get opened. Please any thoughts or past experiences with this would be greatly appreciated. Any pictures of possible proposal letter would be awesome as well.
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    One of our competitors in our area is fert/squirt only. He uses a program which uses something like google maps and he gets 250 lawns a day measured, then does mass mailings to those with a price based on sq. ft. It costs him a ton i'm sure. He claims his response rate is 1/3 of 1%. In layman's terms he lands one of 300 proposals. he mails out about 50,000 of these. Round up to 60,000 that would mean he gets 200 accounts from 180,000 mailings as he mails out 3X's to the same people at 3 week intervals. He claims to start turning a profit after mid-summer. I say b.s. that there is too much outlay in printing, mailing, and time spent on the calculations. If they stick with him long term, maybe.

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