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How do you make a proposal for hourly work?? I cant seem to find anything. Most jobs i do are not by the hour but for trimming bushes or bed edging i would do by the hour. Let me know what you guys do? I am trying to make it has understandable as possible. So i don't get screwed if they decided not to pay me.


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Im sure I will get some flack for this but oh well. To me when someone says they are going to bid a job by the hour it just screems that they are inexperienced. Some jobs I do believe should be bid by the hour like irrigation repair, loading/hauling snow stuff like that. But you should be able to walk onto a job site and determine how many hours its going to take to prune, multiply by YOUR hourly rate (not $60/hour like everyone on here says they make becasue half of them are probably blowing smoke, not all of them but a good portion), and theres your price. For bed edging you should have a few different lineal foot prices, new edging, yearly redefining, and touching up. Obviously progressivly getting lower in price.

You may loose on your first few if you dont truely know how long it will take, but if thats the case you have another problem frankly.