Proposed Fertilizer Amendment

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Ric, Apr 16, 2013.

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    WOW over a hundred views and no comments. I would think Fertilizer Blacks would be of concern to everyone.

    I read the last Fertilizer study done for the state law makers. In fact it has been posted here several times. While I didn't like it a 100%, I felt it wasn't a bad recommendation and I could easily comply with it.

    Local Black out Laws are based on fear not science and therefore non compliances is the rule. A Law or rule must be accepted if it is to work.

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    Florida LCO's better get involved politically with this one. When New Jersey State fertilizer regulations were being negotiated, industry was successful in making sure State Law superseded local ordinances. While many bitched about the regs, most are happy the patchwork local laws are no longer a concern.
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    here in Hernando County they would like to establish an ordinance( we have the Weeki Wache Spring here) but they are waiting for the state to do it for them. Funny thing is when the state offered a fund for a check of the ancient septic systems along the river, they declined. Guess the must have weekend homes on the river.

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