Proposed NEC change for Fixtures near water

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. steveparrott

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    Mark Ode, NEC/UL expert, wrote an article in Electrical Contractor Magazine, "In the Drink".

    The article states that when the 2014 NEC goes into effect, there will be no minimum distance for installing low voltage lighting near pools (as long as all components have the proper listings).

    From the article,

    The proposed new 680.22(B)(6) states: “Low-Voltage Luminaires. Listed low-voltage luminaires not requiring grounding, not exceeding the low-*voltage contact limit, and supplied by listed transformers or power supplies that comply with 680.23(A)(2) are permitted to be located less than 1.5 m (5 ft) from the inside walls of the pool.”
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  2. Classic Lighting

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    Wow, this is news to me. What a great step for the LVL industry. Desiging around pools and spas has always been a challenge. Not to mention explaining to clients why I cannot install around the water area.
    Will this override UL 2108?
  3. starry night

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    Steve, Do you know or is there any way of knowing how long it takes for such a rule change to be approved?
  4. steveparrott

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    I think the 2014 book will be shipped in October of this year. Don't know when the rules go into effect.
  5. bcg

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    It's up to the local enforcement agency when they go into effect. We have some municipalities that are still on old versions of the NEC and some that are on the current version. So even if this makes it through, it might be many, many years before it will be kosher with your local inspector (if your work has to be inspected).

    I'm glad their making the change though, the current rule doesn't seem to make much sense.
  6. steveparrott

    steveparrott LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Anyone have updates on whether or not inspectors are recognizing this 2014 NEC rule about luminaires within 5 ft. of water?
  7. RLI Electric

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    I heard the same thing last year at my electrical CEU course. I can't wait. For what it's worth, Connecticut is still on the 2005 code. Supposed to move up to 2011 this year.

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