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    I am a farmer that has put 370 hrs. on 2 Hustler Super Z's since last year.I traded up from the 25 Kaw. to the 27 hp Kohler and could tell a difference in power. I would like to have all of the pros and cons of the new 28 EFI, difference in fuel economy, power, maintence and anything else that might be relevent. I am thinking about trading if anyone can show me the difference . The Hustler Super Z is by far the best ZTR on the market and I have been around all of them. The manufactors interest in their products and the people who buy them is a testimony in its self. The only problems I have had was with paint quality on the first mower (this paint process has been completly changed) and the fuel caps leaking on the second mower. The customer service could not have treated me any better or resolved these problems any faster if I had been part of their immediate family.
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    We are being told by actual end users they are seeing a 15 to 20 percent savings in fuel costs running this unit compared to a carbureted version of similar size and hp (27).
    The first thing you will notice is the immediate throttle response when using the EFI, there is no major lag or droop in RPM's when getting into heavier grass.
    Maintenance is about the same with the exception of a different fuel filter system due to the high pressures of the EFI.
    As you stated the paint quality issue we had is not relevant anymore, we are currently using the most state of the art powder coat paint system in the outdoor power equipment industry.
    And your gas cap issue also has been addressed with a new design, that remedies the problem there may have been.
    I know there are several people here on LS that will chime in here, you will get plenty of good real world experience.

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    Friday, although it was powering a Dixie Chopper SP2800-60, :eek:

    I noticed exactly what mowerman said: there was very little noticable drop in RPM when encountering heavier grass. In fact, I was cutting a three week growth and it was damp. Zoysia, Bermudagrass, Dallisgrass, weeds and even a sizable HEAVY stand of St. was very hard to make the engine lug. I deliberately tried to kill it by discharging two passes back onto uncut grass and then cutting it very fast...the engine did lug some but did not come close to stopping, and I didn't have to slow down ! I am CONVINCED that my maneuver
    would have choked a 25 horse Kawi to a stop...I have demoed two mowers, a JDeere 757-54" and a SuperZ 52" with the 25 Kawi, on this same property, same amount of growth and dampness, and theyCOULD NOT have done what the 28 did...not close!

    I intend to buy one on my up-coming mower purchase.
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    Put a Super Z 72" with the 28-hp EFI through two days of cutting with a fuel consumption of ~ 1 gallon per hour. First tank went dry after 6.5 hours of mowing (~6 gallons of fuel), put another 5 hours on the second tank still had about two gallons left in tank. Was very impressed.

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