PROS HELP !condos per building price?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smarino21, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. smarino21

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    i bid some condos, that are underconstruction still. He says what do you charge per building. I bid them at what was currently there (maintenance) i was like im not sure let me get back wit you . I was wondering say for instant is it best to say this

    common areas - $1000 per yr
    Each Building- $ 200 per yr???????????????
  2. smarino21

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    that might be hard to understand.

    i bid a condo complex for maintenance that was under construction

    i gave him a price for what is currently soded

    now how do you break it down?
  3. rob b.

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    I Had A Church Call Me For A Estimate About 2 Yrs Ago And It Was Under Construction.i Bid On What Was There But Let Them Know Up Front That The Monthly Price Would Increase As The Landscape Did.i Have Been Servicing Them Going On 3 Yrs. Now.
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    I used to bid condos per unit, per month.

    Basically, Five Star and I have had a conversation about this in a different post.

    Basically, I looked at the whole site, and figured what it would take to do the whole thing, for the year. If it included snowplowing, bed maintenance, fertilizing, whatever they wanted.

    Then I broke that cost down monthly, and divided that cost down to per unit.

    Say your total bid for the year was $36,000 for the year. If this includes snowplowing whatever.

    For a 12 month contract, that would be $3,000 / month.

    Now say there's 15 living units total that are planned for this development.

    When it's all built, then you will have 15 units sharing the cost of $3,000 / month, or $200 / month for each unit.

    I would break it down for him this way. This way, each time they get a unit built / sodded, you can tell him that it'll tack $200 (or your $xxxxx amount) monthly.

    Don't think you use my numbers, figure out your price for the entire complex once it's built. And then break the numbers down.

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