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    we ned to put prosecutor in with our pre emergent in our 100 gallon spray rig. we have 38 ounces of barricade 4fl per label instructions

    the instructions for the prosecutor are very confusing. i am coming up with a rate of 17 ounces of chemical for 100 gallons of water does that seam right??

    we spray 2 galloons per 1000 square feet

    that seems low compared to what what I am reading on the forums but label says not to go over 16 ounces per acre on dormant bermuda

    am I missing something??????
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    Yeah. A spell checker. lol
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    Freekeng Hillarius :laugh:
  4. ted putnam

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    In all seriousness

    We were told to apply about the same rate 16 oz/A(if we just wanted to apply glyphosate as a post emergent weed control this time of year on our dormant bermudas) at a recent turfgrass management shortcourse we attended. It was put on by the U of A in cooperation with U of Oklahoma.

    The rate seemed low to me but I also haven't sat down and read the label lately.

    I use Ranger Pro when applying Glyphos ( much cheaper than Prosecutor.)

    My suggestion is read and follow label instructions(whatever product you use) and you should be fine
  5. What's a galloon?
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