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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by creek chub, May 4, 2004.

  1. creek chub

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    I am getting ready to start up in the next couple of weeks but just found out from the proslide company (novae) I think, that a 13 hp 36" wb wouldn't pull a proslide. Now I would think a company is knowledgable of their products capacities and requirements. But I did a search and noticed some guys have smaller engines and proslides. Can anybody help?

    Creek Chub
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    I just put one on a 36" Snapper Pro belt drive last week. It has the 12.5 Kawi engine, and I weigh 245 lbs. The only slight problem I noticed was on two accounts where there are small inclines, the front end of the mower wanted to come off the ground.A little weight should fix it with out a problem. I use a 48" Snapper, and it stripes well without a roller or slide, so I wanted to enhance the striping of the 36"used on many of the same lawns as the 48" and 52" Z.Lays some very nice stripes...
  3. creek chub

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    That's good info. I really like the slider idea and striping is a plus too. I see you're from Morgantown, WV, Mountaineer Country. I live in Hokie Country. I hate to see the rivalry end even though yaw killed us the past couple of years!!!

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