Proslide on a 36in W/B?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Patfo, Feb 19, 2001.

  1. Patfo

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    Eric brought up a point a different post of mine regarding using a Proslide on a 36in walkbehind w/ 14HP Kaw. I weigh around 215lbs also. I'm trying to keep cost down and pay for extra equipment as I go. Will the Proslide work with this? I liked the Proslide because it will not leave a wheel mark down the middle of a stripe. Any feedback on this greatly appreciated! THANKS!
  2. Dillon

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    I left a post about the 36' and Proslide on your other thread. One thing about using the proside,when your turning step off the slide. Staying on it while trying to turn will wear your belts much faster and don't ride it on the cement or blacktop the plastic board itself will wear 10 times as fast.
  3. parkwest

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    We have a 36" with a proslide and I've tried it out on a few lawns. I weigh just 255 and the mower didn't even seem to notice I was on it. The guy that runs that machine regularly for us only weighs about 145. Been on for 2 seasons now but with the light guy using it. Sorry I can't help you with the long term effect of a 200 lb guy using it.
  4. Dillon

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    Also don't use on hills especially going down, the board will try and slide underneath the mower, it can't but it will throw you off balance and you could lose control.

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