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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by shiveslandcsaping, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. shiveslandcsaping

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    I just bought a brand new john deere walk behind and a Proslide XT in which is suppose to be recommened by JD but you cant even attach it by the directions. So have any of you run into this problem and what is the best way to attach it?
  2. Roger

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    Is your w/b a 7H17 or 7H19, the hydro units with 7IronII deck?

    If so, Deere has a bracket, part TCU 18589, with associated bolts, nuts, etc available. I have not seen it, but understand it enables you to bolt up a sulky tow bar.

    Beware the frame piece that curves around the rear of the mower is an oil reservior. It has a decal "DO NOT DRILL" and for good reason! They use a tube for frame, enclose it, and tap into it for the oil reservior. All the surface area makes for a good cooling tank.

    I inquired about these mowers during the Winter and asked the same question - before making a purchase. The customer support from Deere headquarters gave me the information.
  3. shiveslandcsaping

    shiveslandcsaping LawnSite Member
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    its a 7h17 7 iron II deck and I was wondering if john deere might have something to make it work, my local dealer has never dealt with the proslide and this was his first and he wasnt sure what the deal was.
  4. WestMich

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    I just bought the go slide for my 7h17, and the bracket from my JD dealer. It's a new thing for the JD guy's, they have to go through the "order zone" I think it's called. When I told my dealer where to look, he found it right away. About 43.00 for the plate steel bracket, and about 9.00 each for the U bolts. Call Mike at Novae (Proslide) and he can direct you for sure. I "think it was call the "order zone". But I could be wrong. Mike will set you staight. You will likely need to add some weight to the front also as I am in the process of doing. Good luck.
  5. HenryB

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    How do you like the goslide so far?
  6. Skimastr105

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    What are the major differences between the proslide xt and the goslide? I was looking at them online, and I noticed a huge price difference. Is the xt really THAT much better?

    I don't know a lot about these products, but they seem pretty good. Can anyone give me some more info about the ins and outs of these products?

    Your help is much apprecieated!
  7. WestMich

    WestMich LawnSite Member
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    I've only test rode my go slide so far, but here's what I think about using it on my JD 7H17. It is heavy duty! No moving parts when in use other than 2 pins at the pivot points. Should be indestructible. It is manual vs automatic on the Pro slide, so you would need to put it down when you want to use it and raise it up when you don't. Comes with a chain and hook to hold it up when not in use. It's well out of the way when not in use. I'm 225 pounds and it does cause my mower to lift in the front when I turn back or go up a grade. I'm in the process of putting some weight on the front of the mower. Does reduce top speed some, but I suppose it beats walking. I wouldn't use it on anything less than a 17 horse unless you're lighter than me.
  8. wahlturfcare

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    from iowa
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    the proslide is the original one with a large step plate.
    proslide xt has a larger foot area.
    both with retract upwards when you get off
    go slide i think has a roller underneath?

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