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  1. precisionlawn

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    I was told that you cant use a proslide with a belt driven walk behind. Only with hydro. Is that true, I have a 48" exmark viking with a 15 hp kohler. is I cant use the proslide, what is the best 2 wheel sulkie i can buy?
  2. Lawn Man 5

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    I just bought one last week. I have a 48in belt drive Husqvarna with a 15hp Kohler. At first my belts were slipping a little bit then I adjusted them and it was fine. It lays down an unbelievable stripe too. The best thing I like about is, you can hop off and walk if you have to, especially if you are in small yards.

    Hope this helps
  3. Doogiegh

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    Check this thread out:

    I wrote a reply about the pro-slide that I am using in this thread, and attached a picture showing some stripes.

    I'm using a 32" Exmark Metro, it pulls me around (belt drive) around fine and dandy with the pro-slide.

    It's like riding on a tractor-trailer mud flap.
  4. Old 5 LawnCare

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    I was asking in another post about Velkies, Sulkies, ect. and someone suggested the ProSlide.

    I am getting tje 52" TT with the 23hp Kohler, so I think it will have plenty of power to pull me as well, My question is: With the ProSlide on the back dosent your body weight add to the weight on the back of the machine/Make the front of the machine lighter? Also with the ProSlide, Do you tear up much turf turning 180 - 360 degrees?

  5. Lawn Man 5

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    Today was my first day that really got to try it out. If the grass is fairly wet the tire will break loose if you make a sharp turn and you are in a higher gear. When I am going up a fairly steep hill I step off with one foot to prevent the tire from spinning. The front end is noticeably lighter. I weigh around 190. With my walk behind I probably wouldn't recommend weighing much over 200. I know that some of the larger walk-behinds that are heavier do much better.
  6. John Gamba

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    GET the WEIGHT kit FROM eXMARK !
  7. TJLC

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    I have the weight kit John is referring to on my TTHP 48". It does make a definate difference in keeping the front end down and bolts right on the fronts castor arms (it does on the TTHP, I don't know about other Exmark models) Good luck. As far as the proslide, I would love to demo one. I need to look around and see if any dealers near me have one to try.
  8. precisionlawn

    precisionlawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanx for the replies. I will definetly pick one up!
  9. LawnMower

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    Iv been using a ProSlide now for about a year now. The biggest thing I like about it, is it springs up out of my way so I can trim with the mower back and forth under trees and such. My Velky would back up too, but sometimes it would dig the grass. It also made ruts after a wile. I hated using the Velky in wet grass; the grass would clog in the wrap around center fender. The wheel would lock up solid. I would then have to take the wheel off to get the grass out. But I liked the Velky better on hillsides. If I were going across on a hill I would feather the break closest to me to keep the mower in a strait line. I would also put my weight on my foot closest too me, and kind of stand on the center fender. On the ProSlide, I now have to feather the break on the apposite handlebar. That’s a pain in the neck. I cant put my weight on my near foot anymore now. The Point is, the ProSlide is more awkward on hillsides.
    Also Watch out when you’re using the Proslide in the wet. I went around a corner really fast, and it through me off. I landed on the ground and the mower came to a stop. Thank god no one else got hurt. The platform doesn’t follow like a Velky, it moves with the back of the mower.

    Just my observations, hope it helps.
  10. TurfTamer

    TurfTamer LawnSite Member
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    Who sells the Proslide? Any one with pics of it?



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