Prospering Lawn Care business for sale - South West Houston

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    Prospering Lawn Care business for sale - South West Houston

    Our lawn and landscaping business, in operation for just over a year, needs to be sold because of family issues (my dad has terminal cancer and we need to spend more time with him). With this company, you can generate revenue and jump right in from the very start. During the first year we did an EXTENSIVE marketing campaign that included THOUSANDS of door hangers both personally made and professionally produced.

    With the personally produced fliers, we told our story. I started the business because I was tired of my family being put in tight spots financially because of the turbulence in the non-profit field where I worked. Each flier was laminated so that people would be more likely to keep them. The phone number on the flier is part of the sale of the business as well as the email address. The professionally produced flier was full color and very effective as well (I can show you examples of each). We still get calls from the fliers we put out in the very beginning because people did save them (I believe it was because of the lamination).

    During most of the summer we were cutting almost 100 yards over a two
    week period. Some of the yards are weekly accounts and some of them are every other week. The amount of money we grossed is almost unprecedented in the industry. Go look at the message board and search for expectations of new lawn services and you will see what I am talking about.

    Currently we cut 31 yards ever two weeks (see below) and regular side jobs (planting, mulch, trimming etc). The business has everything you need to be an owner operator doing all the work yourself and making a good income (all though I chose to use helpers and we have a reliable regular at the ready). There is PLENTY of room to grow as well as, we are located in a very nice area behind in and behind the Meyerland area (South west side). All of the accounts are in a several mile radius so gas is not a concern). There is tremendous potential for growth into Bellaire and West University, as well as the business contracts (I have the basics for the contracts ready for you and the trailer has room for growth equipment wise).

    I have always run the business in major corporation way. All accounts tracked and invoiced through Quick Books for instance. All of the equipment is top of the line and in new and impeccable shape. All of the equipment was purchased new as well.


    Upon completion of this transaction, I will be providing two weeks of training for free so I can show you each yard and get you prepared. This is a $600 value just on labor.
    You will be more than welcome to call me for advice and information for as long as you need to as well.


    Sixteen Foot trailer – VERY well made trailer produced specifically for the lawn care industry. A little bigger than what you need right now, but you need this space to grow into corporate accounts.

    32 inch Scag mower used for less than a year on residential accounts. I purchased the unit new, so it still has warranty. We also had a check up performed a couple of months ago.

    Two 21 inch Honda commercial mowers. These mowers the best of the best. It mulches clippings almost invisible and these units last forEVER (check it out on the message board)

    Industrial Echo blower – this is the VERY rugged one that lasts forever.

    Three Echo line weed eaters

    Two Echo blade edgers (with tons of extra blades – I bought in quantity to save money)

    Echo Chainsaw

    All gas cans you will need

    Professional broom, and several pair of nice large clippers

    Pull behind cart

    Large ladder

    Extension ladder

    Professional hand saw with extra long extension

    Tons of extra equipment that you will need (shovels, rakes etc.)



    These are all premium PAYING accounts. All of the mediocre accounts have been weeded outs because of frequent trips to see dad. Like I said, during the middle of the summer we were cutting 100 every two weeks which worked out to just under $1,000 per week.



    I believe if you have good credit you could purchase the business with a business loan (I am not sure, so you will have to check). Do not bother to call me if you are a scammer. You will either pay CASH or through a business loan. No I will not finance it for you. My time is valuable during this phase of my life, so please do not waste my or your time if you are not a serious buyer.

    If you have made it this far, you are obviously at least mildly interested. We have always advertised the company as being Christian run and operated. If you want to jump into this, you would really be giving us a blessing. I assure you there is unlimited potential here.

    Please call me directly at (832) 279-8084 or email me at

    $4,500 – 20% of gross
    $8,420 – Equipment depreciated over a five year period
    $1,000 - Consulting and two weeks of work
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    If you do not like the way I have valued the company, please post in one of the company value determination threads. I would like to keep this thread to interested buyers and their questions.

    I appreciate your respect in this matter, THANKS :usflag:
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    One more thing. I do have a truck that is very appropriate for the business and very nice. I am willing to sell it as well. 2002 F-150 Crew cab.
  4. I am sorry to hear about you father. It hits home for me personally. Your business sounds like it realy got off to a great start. do what you have to do and have no regrets! You and your familt are in my prayers, good luck with everything.

    Best wishes, Marcus Curtis
    MCI Outdoors

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