Prosperity automated systems .. heard of this one ?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by webnancy, Oct 16, 2006.

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    i actually got emails from the same one and eventually talked another one, Michael Mcgranahan cuz i considered it too. last i heard the one talked to wasn't promoting it, so the biz couldn't have been making 20000/month or why would you quit. the question is in making that, how much did the distrib spend on adpacks? actually they will say $5000 because that is the max they can buy, so u assume 15000 profit but they are full of crap because later they admitted to really make the big money you spend 5000-10,000 on adwords as well.. it may help u make your decision easier to know PAS just got shutdown ... clones are starting already though, but they'll be shutdown soon enough.

    Hey, BTW, i'm. . looking at this now because it exposes all that kind of crap about not telling u the expense factor. and it's new, and u can do pretty good when these things first start up.

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