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    I bought a PS61 last July and have had a few issues and essentially lost faith in my dealer, so I am looking to handle this myself.

    The worst issue was the deck belt. In 85hrs of use last year I went through 4 deck belts. The deck would toss the belt everytime the deck raised to a certain height either by the anti scalp rollers raising the deck, or manually raising the deck to float over a drain vent, or with teh blade spinning with the deck in the locked position. irst time, I called the dealer and they gave me another belt. After that one got eaten, I brough it in (around 12hrs on it) and they put a new tensioner arm/pulley on it.

    After that, it continued to happen. put another belt on it. Continued to happen, and they wanted it again for a few days but did not have a demo for me, they had a 48, but thats not good when I have been striping million dollar properties with a 60 all season. I continued to deal with the belt being tossed a few times a day till the season ended (which ended up costng me over $1000 in lost time and several blistering burns on my arms from hitting the muffler while trying to un wedge the belt from under the pulley, but i digress).I was in contact with the Gravely rep sent him pics, etc but he was un able to find a mower for me to use. By the end of the season I was ready to burn the thing to the ground and call my insurance comapany. I have never been so frustrated and sorry I spent a butt load of money on a machine I didn't even have the chance to demo. (The dealer said since it was shipped in I had to buy it and wouldnt let me demo it without signing on the doted line, going on the reviews from GMLC and others here, I felt ok with it... Hindsight...sigh) Anyway, I took it back a week before the end of the season since it wouldn't start on the trailer in front of a clients house, and so far it works...I'm not holding my breath...

    Now here is where I need help, the dealer "adjusted the deck" so that the belt stays on. Great. The quality of cut kinda sucks. In a thick stand of TTTF, cutting 1.5" off at 4" cut height, less than walking speed, the deck pukes clumps every 2-3 feet. Come off the lawn into onto the pavement, and a clump shoots out. I have tried to scrape the deck multiple times, different blades (factory, G5's, aftermarket high lifts) and nothing seems to help. I have to double cut nearly every lawn now. Make a pass at normal cut height, then raise the deck .25 -.5" and make a another pass. On a small yard its not big deal, But I have several lawns over 1 acre, one is 3 acres. This is a colossal waste of time. I see the other guys in and out, cutting inches at a time with Wright standers and they are doing single passes with not a clump to be seen. I am afraid to mess with the deck since it hasn't tossed a belt yet, and the dealer put tamper seal on the deck bolts to see if I messed with it. I have pretty much lost faith in my dealer, as they have not fixed the height adjusting wheel either time its been there, even though its been written up (2.5" setting holds the deck near 5" but 3" drops it down to 3") and all the other problems and return visits. I just don't want to go back, and the other dealer is hours away.

    So what blades/setting have anyone found that works well in thick turf? Where do I start? Any tips? At this point, I am about ready to start re-engineering the deck myself. I have a plasma cutter, welders, etc and experience in a heavy fab shop. If I have to reengineer this thing myself, I will, it will be better than taking the hit on a new mower with 105 hrs on it.

    If anyone has any tips tricks tweaks or even first hand experiences, I would love to hear them, before I start cutting/welding...
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    I'm sorry you are having issues with your Pro-Stance. Please send me your dealer information as well as your model and serial number in a private message so our Tech Service group can work with your dealer to fix your issues. If you would rather talk directly to our Tech Service group, we could do that instead. Just let me know.

    We have had positive comments on this unit and the cutting ability, so maybe something needs to be adjusted.


    Mary Lyn
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    Thanks for sharing this message! I have the Pro Stance 60 2015 model with XFII deck and while I do not have the belt problem I am experiencing lots clumping as well. Yards are being cut every 4-5 days in pristine weather conditions.

    I've been experimenting with the rake, the factory setting seems to be about an 1/8, I've gone to 1/4 and it seems to be better, but not solved.

    It seems as if the deck/blade combo(using OEM blade) cannot process the grass fast enough relative to the speed I'm mowing, thus these random clumps being discharged. For yards with spots of heavy growth, I have to slow down for the deck to process and disperse the clippings or it takes a dump.

    For the money I ponied up for a brand new mower, I'm less than thrilled I'm having to spend all this time trying to mitigate an acceptable solution.

    Anyone have success stories with other blades SPECIFICALLY for the Pro Stance 60 w/XFII deck

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    I havent tried anything to mine. Its been in the shop for 3 weeks trying to get a belt to stay on it. This season so far it has cost me an account and $100/wk in lawns I have to sub out since the demo doesnt have a bagger. This machine is costing me $650 a month not including the payment. At this point I simply can not recommend a prostance, nor any gravely product until this plays out. They have the oppurtunity to make this right, I will withhold final judgment untill we get to a resolution.
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    Are the new 16 models cutting better?

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