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    Keeping your battery terminals corrosion free has become more important with modern advancements in automobile technology. Vehicles with PCMs and memory systems can put a constant drain on battery loads. Corrosion, however slight, can lead to system shut down or memory loss. Fluid Film, a lanolin based corrosion preventive, can help alleviate problem corrosion on battery connections. Fluid Film is solvent free, is classified as non-toxic and non-hazardous and will not evaporate from the surface.
    Fluid Film is non-conductive so connections should be tight before applying. One application will create an air tight barrier of protection that will prevent any gases or moisture from penetrating battery terminals for a minimum of one year. Fluid Film will leave a thin, slick coating, which will never get gummy or sticky, alleviating the problem of dirt buildup.
    Corrosive battery cables can keep power from reaching its desired location. Even slight corrosion can disrupt electrical systems and lead to problems with car start up and performance. Proper battery maintenance is imperative to keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency. Fluid Film will help stretch maintenance schedules and protect battery terminals and all metals subject to corrosion. Fluid Film will effectively stop atmospheric corrosion and corrosion caused by fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and high humidity.
    Try a can today. If you haven't tried Fluid Film, write to me and I'll ship one out free of charge.

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