Protecting Apple tree grafts from deer

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    I will answer a couple of your basic questions, however if you are truly interested this video which is long really explains things much better than I ever could.

    The trees are planted on 12' rows with 36" between trees, height is kept to 9' max.

    Feathered trees are cropped the year after planting, this is called the 2nd leaf.

    Yields are projected at 1,000 bushels/acre in 5 years, 40# per bushel.

    This is the future of orchards and many are converting to this tall spindle system.

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    Thank you for the kind words Roy.

    I have had apples since 1991 and my old standard sized trees were past prime and the quality of the apples was going down hill. Once you start spraying and start an Integrated Pest Management system it isn't much more effort to spray a lot of trees than to spray a few. The large trees were very inefficient and wasted a lot of chemical. So I embarked on this project which should keep me going for the rest of my days as I am now retired. It is a pretty big project for a homeowner/hobby but will pay for itself and should break even next year in regard to covering chemicals. In two more years there should be a return and a good return in 4 years.
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    Roy I guess I never answered you original question as I digress as I often do. I use "Hinder" deer repellent around the house. It is relatively inexpensive but has to be used periodically.

    I have used Thiram but found it wasn't that great and plugged up sprayers.

    Tree Guard is supposed to be much better but was incredibly expensive.

    Egg whites, albumen which gets putrid is effective but temporary.

    Here is a test that was done.
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    Thats a good video, thanks. Hendersonville (where that video was taken) is about 3 hours from here. Thats my favorite kind of country.
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    The speaker, Dr. Terence Robinson has really pioneered the tall spindle system and compared it with other high density planting systems.

    This type of growing is also moving to almonds and pears.
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    I've spent a lot of time in that very orchard in Hendersonville. It is beautiful. Generally there in pruning season to talk about that part of the growing of fruit trees. It's amazing in the autumn how many apples are on the almost bare of limbs trees.
    I'am only about 1.5 hours away. Also, I've tried to find "Tree Guard" but seems that it is no longer made. Any other suggestions. Thanks so much for your help Yatt.
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    My name is Ron, Yatt is my dog in the Avatar. That's a John Deere owners edition hat on his head.

    I don't have a good answer for you Roy, that is why I posted the pics of the fence first. It is the ONLY thing that has truly worked. My first fence was high tensile wire spaced 9" apart and the deer went right through it. I fastened poultry wire to it and that did keep the little bastages out but it rusted and looked terrible. The 8' knotted high tensile wire has worked well. I salvaged it from a deer farm and got it for about 20 cents on the dollar.

    The problem with deer is they only eat 1% of the tree, the terminal bud but that determines how the tree grows next year.

    This is amazing but this is a pic of my bare root trees blooming 6 weeks after planting. I had to spray a double dose of thinners to know the bloom off.


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    Ron (yatt), thanks for posting the tall spindle pics! You just gave me some ideas for my own acreage. I hope you don't mind if I steal a few of them. Please keep updating the orchard as time goes on.
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    Some yields and comparisons to sightly different methods. Found it interesting.

    Found the whole systen interesting.
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    oops forgot to post this


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