Protecting Apple tree grafts from deer

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    Find this very interesting great thread thanksThumbs UpThumbs Up
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    The pics of apples makes me want to go purchase some. Perfection.
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    Well growing good high quality apples is pretty much like growing very high quality turfgrass, it just doesn't happen by accident. It would be a pretty hard sell to tell the average homeowner that they need applications at the very minimum every 14 days. That is the IPM schedule I am on right now, but as these trees are coming into bearing, that will be stepped up quite a bit.

    The reason I have gone the route I have is high quality apples require a IPM regime. It doesn't take much more time or product to spray all the trees I have right now than the 28 very large standard sized trees I had before. By the time the sprayer is put on the 3 point, Tyvac suit donned, chemicals are mixed, sprayed, then clean up one gets into economy's of scale. What I was doing before just didn't justify the expenditure of time and product. Now I will have much more yield, getting rid of it will be the next hurdle. But just like the 25 cord of oak firewood I cut and process a year. IMHO good high quality products will sell themselves, (I hope)

    Here is my other dalliance for the Winter months:



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