Protecting equipment we use year round from freeze overnight

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by BSLD, Nov 8, 2018.

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    I'm reading this and thinking to myself, "why not just insulate said shop?"

    I'm close to St Louis and we get temps below 0 but my shop never freezes even without the heat on. I leave my z sprays in there all winter and I never winterize them.
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    Yes, I've had equipment damage due to low temps. Believe me it's no fun to arrive at the shop in the AM only to find several trucks are down. Prevention is less expensive than repairs and downtime.
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    You don’t get cold enough to worry about the engines

    Might I suggest looking up the eutectic temperature of your chem is (freezing point)

    It’s entirely possible the product you mix with fresh water has a lower freezing point than water alone, meaning you can leave product in the tank and pump) over night with out worry (depending on your chem)

    Fresh tanks the pump can simply be drained every day

    People who have outdoor animals have floating water heaters they stick in the tank that’s just warm enough to keep the water from feeezing so the animals can drink
    Works good for water tank for testing tires when looking for a leak too (test tanks are usually outside)
    Float those in your tanks and they won’t freeze either
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    I used to do a couple of shop lights, but once had a bulb go out (no damage, but could have been). I purchased a lot of old incandescent Christmas lights and string them all around the pump, motor, & hose reel. I drain the lines best I can, and leave the hose real valve open. So far that has worked well with no damage. Here in Florida I don't have to do it very often as we only get below freezing a couple of times a year, if at all. Good Luck...
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