protecting your business w/prenup?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by The Green Way, May 28, 2003.

  1. NCSULandscaper

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    The way i see it is even if you are happily in love at the beginning you have no idea what might happen down the road. A pre-nup is basically insurance for each individual. I would want to protect my business cause i am the only one that got it to where it is today and no one else should have it other than myself. It may sound selfish but thats how the real world has gotten today. Some women out there make you THINK yall are both in love but all she might be after is your money and business and she knows she will get it when divorce time rolls around. But on the other hand there are ALOT of good ones out there that wouldnt try to take half your business. Just beware of the golddiggers out there i guess.
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    I have a good friend who has a lawn company and he got divorced about 5 years ago. He and his wife made a "trade" you could say. She got the house, and he got to keep his business. Now I guess you could call that a good thing? but when you take into consideration that she also took away his sanity... well that's another story.
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    I don't see how the bi*ch can take half. She can only take half of what they built together in the relationship. If it was handed over to him while they were married, than it's half it it will be. There could have been ways to get around this, if they played their cards right.

    This lady must be a real ****, if she is going to take what was never hers to begin with. But, if that is the law......
  4. cos

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    You know how many people regret not getting a pre-nup? Divorce is a *****!!! And she usaully wins!
  5. Green Pastures

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    Not my world.

    My world IS what I make of it.

    It comes down to making quality decisions, based in quality guidelines.

    1. I would NEVER marry a woman who did not put Jesus Christ absolutely #1 in her life, AND her decision making process.

    2. I would never make a decision to marry a woman I did not unconditionally love. Richer, poorer, sickness, health, fat, skinny etc. these are some things people often forget about.

    3. I would never marry a woman I did not deeply believe was the woman God wanted me joined spirit, soul and body with.

    After the wedding I went to this past Saturday, I KNOW there are still good women and perfect matches out there. You just have to be patient.
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    A prerequisite to posting on this thread should be stating how long one has been married.

    8 years here and then a trip to Dallas. That is not much, but enough to advise "asset protection" whether it be with pre-nuputials or other strategies.

    For every divorce there are two people who on their wedding day they did not think they would ever have to 'divide' assets. And I am sure the risk is even higher for business owners!

    Compare a business owner to an employee. There is no way to divide a career is there?
    " Ooh she's a successful banker with a HUGE earning potential. She has lots of clients and will always be able to find a good job...." How does one divide that in half?

    Love is blind, business is business, & stuff happens even to those in bliss.
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    Prenup or don't get married. Its just the way of the times now, I've seen so many people get married and then 2-3 years down they're divorced and the kids are taking the brunt of it, then the nasty arguements come and it never ends.

    Green Pastures, I'm not tryin to flame, but up here religion isn't one of the cogs that turns the wheels in my town and several surrounding ones. Hell, neither is love. All people up here think about is how much $$ they can get out of the other half when they do get divorced.

    It's a bitter cruel world and I think it'd be best to get a prenup if you have a well established business when you do get married. Running a business from scratch together is another story, but for those who are established, I'd have to say get the prenup
  8. Georgiehopper

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    I have been married 3 times and I can say that a prenup is a good idea. My ex husband took MY business and stuck me with the debt...I had to file personal bankruptcy. I had no prenup...big mistake.

    My present husband did not have prenup with his ex either and he had a business for over 15 years.... and guess what? He was married to her for 14 years..,..she decided to have an affair on him and basically gave him the boot. He started and ran the business...she had no part in it...but she not only took half of it..he was forced to sell it and he paid her an additional lump sum of 90 grand...and this year he has to pay her an additional 10 grand. Yeah, they were in love too... everyone is in love in the beginning... but people change....and divorce brings out the worst in everyone.

    Now I have my business...and still no prenup agreement ...and I wish I had one...because after three years of being married to him, his baggage, his ex and his kids are more than I can bear.

    Prenups are good ideas...especially for those of you who are getting married a second time.

    I'm a woman and I didnt win anything... I had no desire to screw over my ex's like many other women do. Instead, I got screwed.
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    You have to look past all the gushy lovey lovey stuff. Reality is, 75% of marriages, Catholic or not, end in a divorce. It is human nature, people and situations change. You cannot predict the future, or future situations. What was yours before marriage, should be yours after...soul mate or not.

    I find it ironic, those who preach "I only work with signed contracts", etc. etc., 'bend' the rules for marriage. Business is business. Marriage is a business. That is why you need a liscense.:D
  10. drobson

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    Good point Ken. Marriage is a business partnership and should be treated like one. But like I said earlier, it's the law that is making things worse. Instead of needing a pre-nup, the law should read that what you had before the marriage stays with the original owner. It would avoid a lot of arguments and confusion.

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